Psalms for the Lady

These Psalms were originally posted on my own personal blog now entitled “Isis, Confucius, and Other Things.” In the introduction to the Psalms I placed great emphasis on the identity of Mary and Isis. This is still my personal theology. However since Aset Maryam is Thea, this is a fitting place for them as well..


One of the great sources of Marian devotional works from the Middle Ages is the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary attributed to the Roman Catholic Saint Bonaventure of the 13th century CE. Several translations of this group of 150 small psalms to Mary are on the internet. Check out this link to see one collection of these traditional psalms.

For several months now I have been adopting these hymns for my own personal devotional use. I want to share a few of these with those who are interested. One of my theological beliefs is that the Virgin Mary of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy is the Christian form of the divine feminine i.e. the Goddess. In Isian belief all of the goddesses are forms of Isis. The genuine worship and devotion expressed within the psalms of St. Bonaventure shine forth clearly in spite of the archaic King James English of these translations. What I have done in my editing is to change a lot of archaic language to that of modern usage. The edited versions also have been made to reflect the theological belief that Mary / the Goddess / Isis is fully and completely divine and not subordinated to any other divine power. Again because in high Marian devotional literature, Mary takes on so many of the aspects of a goddess surprising little editing has been needed for my devotional purposes.

Note. The titles of these psalms  are of my own creation. Originally the hymns were simply numbered. Readers should also be aware that the division of each psalm into perhaps five to seven lines was done by myself the help me in the process of memorization. Below are three of these psalms.

PSALM 23 – The Fullness

The fullness of the earth is yours O Lady; You O Mother will reign forever.

You are clothed with glory and beauty:

every precious stone is your adornment & your clothing.

The brightness of the sun is upon your head: the beauty of the moon is beneath your feet.

Shining orbs adorn your throne: the morning stars glorify your forever.

Be mindful of us, O Lady, in thy good pleasure: and make us worthy to glorify your name.

PSALM 22 – Blessed

You are my Queen, O Mother and you have turned to me your glorious face.

Blessed are your most resplendent eyes: which have turned toward toward sinners.

Blessed is the light and the splendor of your countenance: blessed is the grace of your face.

Blessed be the mercy of your hands: blessed be the stream of your mercies.

Let your prophets bless your holy name: let the righteous, saints, and martyrs sing praise to you.

PSALM 26 – May Your Light

O Lady, may your light be the splendor of my countenance:

and let the serenity of your grace shine upon my mind.

Raise up my head: and I will sing a psalm to your name.

Turn not away your face from me: for I have greatly desired your beauty and your grace.

I have loved you and sought after you, O Queen of Heaven:

withdraw not your mercy and your grace from your servant.

I will give praise to thee in the nations: and I will honor the throne of thy glory.

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