More Songs to the Lady

PSALM 97 – Sing to Our Lady

Sing to Our Lady a new song: for she has done wonderful things.

In the sight of nations she has revealed her mercy: her name is heard even to the ends of the earth.

Be mindful, O Lady, of the poor and the wretched: and support them by the help of thy justice.

For you, O Lady, are sweet and true: exceedingly patient and full of compassion.

Tread upon the enemies of our souls: and crush with thy holy arm their arrogance.

PSALM 107 – My heart is ready

My heart is ready, O Lady, my heart is ready: to sing praises to thee and to chant.

Greater is your love than all riches: and your grace is above gold and precious stones.

Beatitude and justice are given by you O Goddess.

Those who turn away from their sins to thee shall obtain the remedy of repentance.

Your fruit is grace and peace: and those who please you shall be far from perdition.

Be to us a shade of protection in our temptations: let the spreading of your wings defend us from him who devours

The above hymns are from the 13th Century CE “Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary” purportedly composed by Saint Bonaventure. They have been edited by myself for my own devotional use.  See the following link to get more background information regarding these Marian hymns.

Glenn King

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