An Alternative Filianic Perspective: On Tattoos

I have recently discovered a Goddess with 10,000 Names which is a delightful blog by an author who is an independent member of the Filianic faith. One of the cultural attitudes often held by Filyanists is a disdain for most aspects of post 1960’s culture. That distaste particularly extends to modern forms of woman’s dress. This would of course include the post modern passion for skin piercing and tattooing. Enclosed is an article by Camilla who has an openness to tattooing which is quite unusual in Filianic circles. I think some may think this article to be interesting.


Goddess of 10,000 Names

Anyone who has spent any time researching into Filianism or conversing with Filyanis will note that the general viewpoint consensus is one of conservatism. Granted, this is what drew me to Filianic philosophy to begin with: the pure, innocent, beautiful, feminine outlook on life. On a whole, tattoos are seen by the majority of Filyanis as universally low-class and unattractive, except in traditional societies where tattoos have an established social or spiritual significance.


I will begin by saying that currently, I don’t claim to represent the official Filianic faith. I am simply expressing a personal viewpoint, as a devoted Filyani, that differs from orthodox ideology. I have virgin skin tattoo-wise. I don’t have any desire to get inked anytime in the near future, as I don’t have any particular idea of what I would want or how I would arrange its placement. Last year I wanted to get a tattoo…

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2 thoughts on “An Alternative Filianic Perspective: On Tattoos

  1. I myself do not Tattoo, because it is against Torah law.However my daughter does tatooing, and she is converting back to Judaism.Heather Anne mydaughteris also a Jewish Buddhist-Wiccan.I leave to a person’s conscience to decide.

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