Anna Kingsford’s Prophecy of the Day of the Woman

A Prophecy of the Kingdom of the Soul, Mystically Called the Day of the Woman.

1. And now I show you a mystery and a new thing, which is part of the mystery of the fourth day of creation.

2. The word which shall come to save the world, shall be uttered by a woman.

3. A woman shall conceive, and shall bring forth the tidings of salvation.

4. For the reign of Adam is at its last hour ; and God shall crown all things by the creation of Eve.

5. Hitherto the man hath been alone, and hath had dominion over the earth.

6. But ‘when the woman shall be created, God shall give unto her the kingdom ; and she shall be first in rule and highest in dignity.

7. Yea, the last shall be first ; and the elder shall serve the younger.

8. So that women shall no more lament lor their womanhood : but men shall rather say, ” O that we had been born women ! ”

9. For the strong shall be put down from their seat ; and the meek shall be exalted to their place.

10. The days of the covenant of manifestation are passing away : the gospel of interpretation Cometh.

11. There shall nothing new be told; but that which is ancient shall be interpreted.

12. So that man the manifestor shall resign his office ; and woman the interpreter shall give light to the world.

13. Hers is the fourth office: she revealeth that which the Lord hath manifested.

14. Hers is the light of the heavens, and the brightest of the planets of the holy seven.

15. She is the fourth dimension; the eyes which enlighten ; the power which draweth inward to God.

16. And her kingdom cometh ; the day of the exaltation of woman.

17. And her reign shall be greater than the reign of the man : for Adam shall be put down from his place ; and she shall have dominion for ever.

18. And she who is alone shall bring forth more children to God, than she who hath an husband.

19. There shall no more be a reproach against women : but against men shall be the reproach.

20. For the woman is the crown of man, and the final manifestation of humanity.

21. She is the nearest to the throne of God, when she shall be revealed.

22. But the creation of woman is not yet complete : but it shall be complete in the time which is at hand.

23. All things are thine, O Mother of God : all things are thine, O Thou who risest from the sea ; and Thou shalt have dominion over all the worlds.


From Clothed With The Sun

Anna Kingsford was a nineteenth century English feminist, animal rights activist and Christian Theosophist. She was one of the first women to obtain a medical degree in Paris. She experienced visions frequently in a trance state. These were published in the book Clothed With The Sun. The book is available at Note, Edward Maitland, Anna Kingsford’s collaborator and editor, interprets the “Woman” of this text as the intuitive soul.

2 thoughts on “Anna Kingsford’s Prophecy of the Day of the Woman

  1. Philemon, thanks for sharing this. It is fascinating. I have probably read of her at some point but if I did I have clearly forgotten about it. I have just looked up the work on the internet site. It is imposing. I hope that the rest of it meets the expectations that the text you introduced has raised. Again thanks.


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