Versions of the Filianic Scriptures

Given recent discussions on Filianic weblogs about differences between versions of the Filianic Scriptures, a list of the texts that appear in each published version may be helpful. There appear to be two distinct groupings: AAV and NCUV/MM. The Myths and Rites of the Madrians (MRM) is no longer available at, but I believe it falls in the second group.

Persephone & Demeter
Persephone and Demeter

  • The Holy Mythos or The Creation & The Mythos of God the Daughter [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Crystal Tablet [NCUV, MM]
  • The Clew of Love (Crystal Tablet 30-52) [AAV]
  • Teachings of the Daughter/Thoughts of the Mind [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Light [NCUV, MM]
  • The Mantle [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Secret of the World [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Sermon of the Apple Seed [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Three Loves [NCUV, MM]
  • The Veil of Matter [NCUV, MM]
  • The Way of Simplicity [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • On Our Mother’s Love [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Child [NCUV, MM]
  • The Temple of the Heart [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Clew of the Horse [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Heart of Water [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • The Pillar of Light [AAV, NCUV, MM]
  • Cry Marya [AAV]
  • The Foolish Maiden (deuterocanonical) [NCUV]

AAV: Aristasian Authorized Version
NCUV: New Celestial Union Version
MM: Markus Moessner Manuscript

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