Changing Directions

During the last several months developments have occurred that have invalidated some of the initial purposes of this blog. In the blog’s initial introduction in 2012  I stated that the Filianic religion strongly influenced the ideas of the Sodality of Thea.  However I did not consider myself to be a member of the religion at that time. Since that time with the growth of an Independent Filianic movement, I now do identity myself as a member of the Independent Filianic community. That fact will be reflected in the blog’s changing direction.

The growth of an Independent Filianic movement during the past year can be witnessed by the development of several important new blogs by  newer members of the Filianic community. The Goddess of 10,000 Names by Carmilla DeRosa has been probably the most popular and dynamic of the new blogs. Kathi Burke’s Shrine of the Gentile Way is another good site.  Myriam Hildotter an Orthodox Filianist has also developed two new blogs The Temple of the Home and The Apple Seed which are often excellent. Long time Independent Filianic activist Sarah Morrigan has also developed a new personal religious blog, Divine Felicity, which is well worth paying close attention to. Filianism is spreading out from its mother root of the A Chapel of Our Mother God.

Two other important developments have occurred. One has been the development of the House of Kyria founded by Reverent Pamela Lanides which has developed to be the virtual communal center for most independent members of the Filianic movement. The second has been the recent work by Sarah Amy Morrigan to establish an on-the-ground Filianic church in Portland Oregon. It will be called Koreion-First Filianic Church of Oregon. If she succeeds this will be a watershed development for the Filianic movement.

All of these developments have a direct impact on this blog. It makes the idea of a Sodality of Thea  irrelevant. Simply stated the Sodality never developed into any kind of community, virtual or otherwise. The House of Kyria led by Madria Lanides now serves as the center of Independent Filianic community. This does not mean that I plan to end this blog or that this blog has no future purpose. But its purpose will have to change. Furthermore because of this, its name will  be changed to reflect the new direction that it will take. Given the fact that in the past I have been good at making tentative commitments which I have not always been able to adequately fulfill, I hesitate to announce any clear new directions at this time. However hopefully readers will see the new direction that this blog will take emerge soon.


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