A Kyrian Interpretation of Independent Filianism

Enclosed is a proposed new introduction to the House of Kyria, and to the interpretation of the Independent Filianic faith as believed in and practiced by that community. In writing this I have strived to be as accurate as possible in describing where I believe the Filianism of the House of Kyria stands. I have solicited feedback from Madria Pamela Lanides and others within the Order of Kyria. I have I believe communicated as faithfully as possible the basic beliefs which now dominate within the House of Kyria.

I do want to say that all members of the House of Kyria may not accept all that I have written here. A high degree of freedom of thought exists within the Order. Neither does this introduction describe the beliefs necessarily of those Independent Filiyani outside of the Order.

Glenn King

About the House of Kyria?

What is the House of Kyria?

We are a sodality, a sisterhood / brotherhood of people of the Filianic / De’anic faith.

What is Filianism?

Filianism is a religion which in its present form originated in Oxford, England among female students of Oxford University in the 1970s. The religion, its scriptures, its basic worldview, its patterns of worship and religious practice developed with within the context of an all female subculture which ultimately became known as the Aristasian community now called The Daughters of Shining Harmony. While Filianism as it is formulated now can be discribed as one of new alternative religions that developed during that period, most of its teachings go far back in time certainly hundreds if not thousands of
years. Most of its teachings are “traditional” in both the small and large “t” senses of the word.

Filianic beliefs

Dea Our Mother God. We believe in Dea our Mother God, the creatress of heaven and earth and all that exists. Dea is the source, the ground of life and being. She has created day and night, the male and the female, the neutron and electron, angels, spirits, and galaxies. She is the source of the grace of the beauty that surrounds us, the love that uphold us, the meaning which inspires us to action. The purpose of our life is to love, worship and adore Her and to live in submission to her will. The purpose of her good will is that we should live fully, lovingly within humanity and in nature.

The Daughter. We believe in God the Daughter. She is the immanent face of the Mother who meets us with grace. She is the mediator between the brightness and awesomeness of the Mother’s presence on which humanity can not look upon directly. The Daughter is the mediator of the presence of the Mother to this world and all worlds. She is the bridge that closes the gap between Dea and humanity caused by the kear / sins of humankind. She enables us to see and adore the Mother in the mist of a world which is often filled with sorrows and lies.

Mother beyond form. We also believe in the One who is beyond attributes and who is without form, who is without names. It is if darkness surrounds Her so that She can not be seen or known. Within Her are all potentialities. From Her has proceeded the Mother who can be known and thus we know her only via the Mother via the Daughter. Other peoples have been aware of her. To some she is the Tao and to others En Sof.

The Janya. We believe in the Seven Janya / the Angels, the Seven Spirits of God. While Dea is three fold as Mother, Daughter,and Dea beyond form, the Trinity of Dea can also be known via the Seven Holy Janya who manifest her fullness. Thus Dea is both Trinity and Heptad, seven fold. The Janya can be likened to beams of white light that flow from Dea’s being. Through the prism of manifestation they become as the beautiful colors of the spectrum of light. They are the Seven Living Streams of Dea which have taken on Angelic being. Thus we can approach the Trinity of Dea through her Janya.

We believe is Sai Raya the Angel of the spiritual Sun of which the physical sun is a sign. She is the Angel of the Queen-ship, Glory and Majesty of our Lady Dea.

We believe is Sai Chandre the Angel of the Daughter the spiritual Moon who reflects the Glory and Presence of the Mother.

We believe in Sai Thame, the Angel of Justice, Harmony and Stability who personifies and communicates the Justice, Peace and Freedom of the Mother

We believe in Sai Vikhe the Angel of struggle, just warfare and protection. She manifests the passionate struggle for the Justice of Dea.

We believe in Sai Mati the Angel of the Wisdom and Knowledge of Dea

We believe in Sai Sushuri the Angel of the Love of Dea and of all human loves, worships and Devotions.

We believe in Sai Rhave the Angel of the flowing of the abundance of material blessings, the food which we eat, the physical stability that we need, the riches that we enjoy.

We believe in all of the other angels, spirits, and beings which communicate the presence of Dea

The Filianic scriptures. We believe in the Filianic scriptures. We study them and take guidance from them. The scriptures are a Gospel of the revelation of the Mother. In their present form they were revealed to the unknown fore-mothers and seers of the faith. They are as the Moon which reflects the Glory of the Mother book, the Crystal Tablet which proceeds eternally from the Mother herself.

The scriptures were composed to be a guidance to us so that we can live filled with truth and justice and the love of the world through our love of Dea. They are meant to communicate divine truths. They are not meant to master or enslave us or to communicate that which oppresses, is cruel, or is not in accord with knowledge, justice, and love of Dea. We believe in the scriptures literally when this is needed and non-literally when that is needed.

While the Filianic scripture are central to the life of the Filianic community, we do not believe that a monopoly of truth resides within them. There are many religious traditions both written and unwritten that contain truth, knowledge and which provide guidance in life. It is the right of the people of Dea to take what we need from these traditions and while remaining faithful to our own traditions.

The Wheel of the Year. We practice the fasts, festivals, and sacred times and seasons which Dea has established. We do this in obedience to her will and in order to receive more of her grace into our lives.

Worship. We strive to engage daily in the worship and adoration of Dea. Do we this within our own solitude and in community when that is possible.


The House of Kyria – Its Uniqueness.

The Filianic faith has historically been the religion of the Aristasian community which has preserved it and communicated its traditions. For this we are deeply grateful. We would not have known about the gospel of your Mother without the work of the Aristasian community. However the Independent Filianic community has been developed by persons who while respectful of the work of Aristasia do not agree with all of that community’s interpretations of the faith. These are affirmations of the Kyrian community which often diverge from the ideas of Orthodox Filianism.

We in the Kyrian Order believe that Dea loves her creation equally and that men have the right to stand beside women equally within the faith.

We believe that this world is our home as of necessity. We are tied to it. Therefore we must be concerned for it, care for it. and even love it. We must fight to protect it. We desire that Dea’s thame / justice be established upon this earth.

We reject the Traditionalist belief in world stages in which history is seen as an inevitable path of spiritual and moral decline. This seems to us to be the equally wrong polar opposite of the belief of both religious and secular progressives that humankind is in some sort of inevitable historical ascent forward due to its increasing control of science and technology. Both the ideas of inevitable decline and of inevitable progress lessen the sense of responsibility that persons should have for this world now.

We are Perennialists. We believe that spiritual truths and wisdom permeate though out vast majority of the religions of humankind. We do not dogmatically hold to the 20th Century Traditionalist school of Rene Guenon. While we respect many of the intellectual achievements of Traditionalist thinkers and are willing to utilize the ideas of that school when appropriate, we are not dogmatically committed to that school of thought.

The purpose of the House of Kyria is to enable the believers in Dea to be centered in her worship and in obedience to her loving will. However members of the Order retain the right to think for themselves. Members are not required to renounce their religious freedom or searchings. They are not required to reject the idea of divine balance which might include a belief in both masculine and feminine aspects of the Deity. Members of the order are free to develop their own opinion on this subject. If they wish to attend Churches Synagogues, Mosques or any other religious body to further their spiritual lives they are free to do so. They are still welcome into the community if they wish to love and adore Dea and summit to her loving will.

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