Current Situation

I will state the obvious. This blog and my other blogs as well have been generally silent for several months now and in fact over the years they have never been very active. This has not been caused by a lack of writing on my part. For a few years now I have had a general goal of writing at least an hour a day. On many days I do achieve that goal. Some days I spend much more than an hour of my time in the effort and on other days due to time restraints I do not write at all. But in general I write regularly.

The issue has not been from a failure to write. The issue has been that most of my writing have been dedicated to the various efforts in which I have been involved either politically or in religion. For example much of the first half of last year (2013) I was focused on work within the Social Democrats USA and on attempting to write articles expressing my outrage about what the West led by the United States was allowing to happen within Syria (its destruction) and latter by re-installation within Egypt of a military dictatorship. Since the second half of last year my efforts have been almost entirely tied into the work of Matrona (Bishop) Pamela Lanides to form the House of Kyria now the Church of Kyria an Independent Filianic community. Note. Rev. Lanides no longer defines the theology of the church which she has founded as being Filianic. It is now described as being Trinitarian De’anic or simply Kyrian in nature. Though in fact the theologies of Trinitarian De’anism and Filianism are in most ways are very similar.

Recently my work in most of its aspects within the Church of Kyria has ended. The Kyrian Church is now taking on a more completed form and I need to move on to other areas of effort. Thus I hope in the immediate future to put much more work on this and perhaps my other blog as well. Note I am not a fast writer but hopefully I will be able to publish a few articles each month here and hopefully some may find them of interest.


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