Ma’at: Toward a Justice and Equality Movement

Over the past few years I have been involved within the Independent Filianic / De’anic religion. However that fact has never ended my long term participation within certain forms of alternative politics. In April I announced within my political blog that I saw no reason to continue it and stated that I would no longer be posting within it. Recent events have caused me to change my mind. The enclosed is a reblogged article from my renamed Ma’at: Toward and Justice and Equality Movement blog, which explains my decision to reinvolve myself wiith my polical writtings

I need to clarify some things. First I am still going to be placing my primary attention on my writing on the issues of Filianism / De’anism. I think that will be ultimately more productive. However I do think that it is time for me now to resume at least some political activity in what ever limited form it takes.

I also am very aware that generally within the Filianic movement both within its orthodox and independent forms political activity is deeply frowned upon, and in fact an politics which is an open avowal of both democracy and egalitarian values is way out of the mainstream. So be it. Many of my political values have been based on the values of Christian liberation theology (There is a Jewish version as well) which itself is strongly based on the often radical revelation of the Biblical prophets.
That fact has not been changed by my introduction to the Filianic religion.

The last thing I want to say is that politics will not normally be discussed within this blog in the future. However I do think that this article should be shared.

Toward a Radical Center

I placed this blog in an inactive status several months ago, because of my sense of hopelessness that anything I could do or say would have any effective impact in the real political world. After seeing the betrayal of the Obama administration of the Syrian people and seeing his tacit support for the dismemberment of that country and from my observations of the moral indifference within this nation to the Islamic world, I could no longer in any way consider myself in the camp of any of its parties and factions including ‘Progressive Movement”

This disenchantment has come after a period of four years in which I made a last effort in my life to help build a Socialist movement in this nation via my work to help revive the Social Democrats USA one of the oldest Socialist organizations within this nation. That work had produced little evidence of success…

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