The Death of Filianism?

Note. I wrote the bulk of this post prior to Sarah Morrigans most recent article in which she explains more fully the point which she was attempting to make in her Requiem for Filianism /Deanism article. I do agree with her amending post, However I still think this post is worth publishing.

Sarah Amy Morrigan has recently written an article called “Requiem for Filianism / Deanism” in which she announced the death of contemporary Filianism / Deanism. No doubt her observation is based on much that has been happening within the movement recently, but her comments  seem to be primarily occasioned by Matrona Pamela Lanides’ recent announcement within “Sweeping Changes” that the Kyrian Church is breaking all ties to theFilianic faith. Sarah Morrigan’s article  also is occasioned no doubt by her own moves to distance herself from Filianism.

While I believe I understand why Miss Morrigan comes to some of her views, the idea that Independent Filianism is dead is probably as overblown as statements made  optimistically earlier this year by various persons that Filianism was  experiencing dynamic growth. While the growth of a small Filianic blogosphere. last year and earlier this year was positive, it hardly represented dynamic growth, neither is the rebranding of Independent Filianic institutions away from Filianic symbolism and certain aspects of Filianic thealogy the death of Filianism. The fact is that as long as strong elements of Filianic religious DNA such as a reverence for the Filianic scriptures, the belief in Filianic angelology, the maintenance of the Filianic “Wheel of the Year” are retained by Filianic originated organizations and by  individual believers, then an independent Filianism / Deanism still survives.
 I would further argue that  the changes that Pamela Lanides has made within the Kyrian Church while substantial do not in reality constitute a “complete” break from Filianism. The Kyrian Church still retains the “‘Teachings of the Daughter” which for many within the Independent Filianic movement remains the center of the faith. The Kyrian Church also retains its belief in the Feminine Trinity of Mother, Daughter, and Mother without Form. It still retains the angelology and calendar of Filianism even as it is rebranding and renaming these.
It is true that the Kyrian Church has rejected both the Filianic Creation and Descent of the Daughter Mythos ( Pamela Lanides has had her problems with these for a long time) The church instead seems to be moving in the direction of adopting a version of the Sophia mythos which still will support the Mother and Daughter devotionalism which has always been central to Pamela Lanides vision of the religion
Much the same sort of thing seems to be occurring with the Celestial Steams Church. In spite of the fact that it is rebranding its identity away from Filianism, it still  retains much Filianic DNA. The Filianic scriptures and much of the basic Filianic thealogy at this point of time is still central to the Church. Thus the fact is that what is happening is not the death of Independent Filianism, but its evolutionary development to the symbols and thealogical conceptions needed by a faith which is in a state of expansion.
It is very likely that if Independent Filianic based institutions such as the Celestial Streams and the Kyrian Churches prosper and form the basis of a strong religion for the future, that this new religion will not be called Filianism but instead the Celestial Stream faith, the Kyrian faith, etc. However the fact will be that Filianism will have played a decisive role in the development of these religions and historians will note that fact.

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