Some thoughts on the word “theology”

A few thoughts on the word “theology.” Within my last post I discussed the meanings of words such as De’anism, trinitarianism, and Modalism. However there is an ongoing danger in such discussions because within the contemporary world the word “theology” suggests to some people so called medieval abstractions such as discussions of how many angels can dance on the point of a pin. It is also often believed by many that theology divides people and that without theology the real issues of “spirituality” can be approached much more simply. Basically theology is often viewed negatively.

I do not plan here to make a full defence of the concept of theology. However I do want to say a few words in its defence. Furthermore within future posts I plan to discuss “developing” a De’anic theology. I want to communicate just what I mean by that.

While theology might seem to many to be a discipline that occurs primarily within theology schools and not to be particularly related to the day to day practices of spirituality, it is much more existential than that. A theology is a world view or belief system which a religious faith, a community, or an individual holds regarding its view of the unseen divine world and its relationship to that world. It can be a belief system which is very well thought out and logically developed or it can be simply a group of implicit assumptions or beliefs about the divine world which has been scarcely thought out or developed at all. However both of these are properly speaking theologies and they effect how people behave within the real material world. It impacts very strongly on the spiritual practice or the lack there of, of communities, religious institutions, and individuals.

Thus any individual who claims to be on some sort of spiritual path such is often the case of persons influenced by the New Age Movement for example has at least an individual theology. That person lives by certain assumptions about the unseen spiritual world even if he or she does not claim to be a member of an institutional religion. Thus persons will have ideas and beliefs about whether an all powerful, monotheistic God who punishes and blesses exists and is relevant or does not exist and is not relevant. They may have ideas about whether magic or prayer works; or whether small scale gods and goddesses have any role in life. Opinions about or commitments to Jesus, Mary, and the Buddha may be a part of the personal belief systems of individuals or not. Theologies may also include opinions about the best way one may live ones life in relationship to the spiritual forces which are believed to exist. All of these types of beliefs then are what I am attempting to discuss when I discuss issues of theology. More particularly within this blog ultimately what I will be doing is discussing my own individual theology, which in my case has been strongly influenced during the last three years by a group of religious scriptures, doctrines, and ideas which were initiated by a group of young women of Oxford University in the England of the 1970s.

When I discuss the idea of “developing” a Deanic non trinitarian theology I will ultimately be talking about attempting to develop my own belief system about the divine world. It will be about developing an understanding about the nature of the divine world to which I ultimately can relate. It will be about the development of an understanding of the divine in such a way that I can walk and live in a closer relationship with Dea and in submission to her will. The attempt to do that is also an issue of theology. I of course wish to share some of my thoughts and ideas with others and I do hope that persons who do read this blog will find that what I believe, what I have discovered or understand or at least think that I understand is of some value.


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