the present situation

I have not posted here for over two weeks and it appears that it may be another few weeks before I post here again. I would like to apologize to those few persons who are interested in my writings for the delay. The problem has been first that during the last few weeks I have been busy in other aspects of my life and this simply does not give me enough time for writing. The other issue is that I have been increasingly uncertain of which direction I wish to take this blog. I have even seriously considered the possibility that I should simply cease to post here anymore, but instead initiate another blog which might be more appropriate for my purposes.

The point is that the basic direction in which the writings on this blog have been focused has basically been completed. In future posts I plan to discuss more my personal De’anic informed theology and thoughts and plan to spend much less time regarding how the Filianic /Deanic religion has been interpreted historically and generally. I know that some should rejoice in this change of direction since they feel that I am not properly qualified to discuss Filianism anyway. I obviously do not agree with their position. However the point is that I am having to do some serious thinking regarding how to make the transition to the next stage of my writing. When I figure this out hopefully I will be able to resume my writing here or on a new blog designed for the purpose. .


2 thoughts on “the present situation

  1. I appreciate your writings; please keep it up when you can. I know that others have dropped out of blog writing (myself included, mostly for lack of time) and this is a sad state of affairs, as those voices are missed.

  2. Kate thanks. You are quite right that the lack of time is a important problem when it comes to the issue of writing. When I was on the treadmill of work I almost never had time to do any writing or even any effective activity at all. Currently as a retired person, still in order to do all that I feel I must do in the day, I normally can not afford to commit more than an hour a day to writing. Since I am not a particularly fast writer and because I need to radically re-edit much of what I write this means that at the best I only produce a few solid writings in a month.

    To say a few more things about the time issue. The struggle for the eight hour day was basically won by the labor movements of most western nations at by the first half of the 20th century. Since that time amazing increases in industrial and most other kinds of economic productivity have been achieved. And yet more people ( these who are not unemployed) are working longer hours now than they were a half of century ago.

    The problem is that there are so many more toys now and people “must” have them. And of course those at the top have so much more and those at the bottom have a much lessor proportion of the whole. That does not help matter much either.

    Thus civilization on an economic treadmill which is destroying the biosphere and rapidly destroying climates which should change over thousands of years but instead are changing radically in decades. I do not think that the end stage of this thing is going to be all that good. Anyway those are some of my thoughts. Again thanks for the comments. I appreciate them.


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