An Angelology Emphasis

Within my most recent posts that I have made it clear that angelology is as essential to my personal interpretation of De’anic religion as it is within Orthodox Filianism and that of independent Filianic organizations such as the Kyrian Church. I also need to remind persons that there are substantial differences between the Deanic view of the Janya and the corresponding Christian / Jewish / Islamic vision of the angels. The primary difference is that within Deanism because the Janya represent / are aspects of Thea, they can be fully worshiped as fully personal forms of God. They are not mere servants or messengers of the Deity.

However in spite of the similarity between my own individual interpretation of the Janya and that of most others, my vison of the individual Janya does differ from that of other Filiyani and Deani. My positions differ because the traditions from which I draw in developing my own interpretations of the Janya differ from both those utilized by the Orthodox community and those used by the Kyrian tradition. They also differ because my own existential situation and spiritual needs differ from that of others

Within the next several posts I plan to present my own individual views regarding the
Janya. I will write about the individual Janya in order to their own importance in my own personal theology.This of course is strongly effected by my own devotional practice.


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