a moratorium

I have decided to cease writing within this blog during the rest of January and perhaps longer. I do assume however that I will commence writing at some point. The reasons for this decision are several. An important reason but not necessarily the most important is that I have been disappointed by the fact that in spite of what I believe to be the value of its articles ( I guess it is natural from some one to value his own work) the readership of this blog remains very low and is not increasing. Clearly what I care most deeply about has little impact on others. Therefore I have to rethink the direction of my writing endeavors.

The other primary reason, along with what I stated in my last article, is that I need to make some major changes in my life. I believe that it will be easier for me to make those changes if I do not feel the pressure to write and publish writings on a regular basis. I do plan to continue writing during this moratorium but not as often and nor will the writings appear within this blog. Hopefully the reduced workload will allow me to make the personal changes which I need to make.


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