on criteria of De’anic identity

This and the next post are the last two that I plan to make within this blog during the rest of the month of January and perhaps longer. I just want to say a few words about the issue of De’anic identity and my relationship to that identity. To me the basic criteria of Deanic identity is that one gives adoration, worship and love to Thea and submits to / is obedient to her will. I think that another criteria of Deanic identity is that ones knowledge of Deanism has come as a result of some incorporation of the elements of the Orthodox Filianic Tradition into ones life. By this criteria I feel strongly connected to a Deanic identity and feel that is of great value. I also feel that other organizations such as the Kyrian Church and persons which have these similar characteristics can also legitimately view themselves as Deanic.

However in spite of my Deanic identity in recent months I have increasingly seen myself drawn to other sources of legitimate tradition as well. These have either enabled me to think creatively in developing my own personal thealogy or have also helped enable me to live a more solid spiritual life. Among these sources of thought and inspiration are the Central Asian tradition of Zoroastrianism with its theology of the Spenta Amesha / Bountiful Immortals and Yazatas / Angels. I am increasingly influenced by its dualistic doctrine that life is a struggle between forces of good and evil. Another important source is my own incipient Deanic Isian understanding of Isis as Dea. Finally my own ongoing perception of Divine Law as examplified in the Jewish sense by Torah and in the lslamic sense by Sharia as having a central role in religious life has been developing as well.

In the future these changes in my thinking will need to be reflected within my writings. I have yet to determine how to make this transition. Therefore for this and other reasons I have decided to make a moratorium to writing articles for this blog.

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