In another direction

In my most recent post, I identified myself as having a Theanic religious identity. Therefore it might be expected that articles defining the nature of a path of Theanic religion would become the constant theme of this blog. On the contrary I do not want to do go in that direction.

There are several reasons for this. First, during recent months I have been in the process of re-examining several aspects of my spirituality / religious life. An important area of change has been in my ideas regarding Deanic / Filianic angelology. This change has taken place in the context of a reoccurring of my ongoing interest in many of the major goddesses of ancient civilizations, goddesses such a Athena, Artemis, Inanna, Isis, etc. The fact is that I am becoming increasingly interested (not the first time in my life) in these goddesses with their rich traditions of mythology and communal societal worship of thousands of years and less interested in the rather abstract Janya / Angels of the Orthodox Filianic theology. While I do not deny the many truths revealed by Filianic angelology, the fact is that in spite of the problematic aspects of many of the traditions surrounding goddesses like Athena I find myself to be much more drawn toward her worship as a personal presence and mode of being of Thea than to the more abstract and no doubt Aristasian formulated Sai Vikhe. Thus I am more interested in discussing some of the most significant goddess traditions which I think are pregnant with theological potential than in dealing with the theology of the Janya at this time.

Another reason for going into another direction is that I have been in a process of reexamining certain aspects of my personal religious practice. The regrettable fact is that quite often, too often, I have simply been unable or unwilling to follow my own religious self disciplines. For a while now I have often I found myself not following through on my self imposed spiritual practices such as the memorization of psalms, the setting aside prayer times, etc.
i have been getting sloppy. The result of this is often periods of devotional dryness and a generally depressed irreligious attitude akin to a pragmatic atheism. These periods of time have been reoccurring through out my life and when they do occur I tend to respond in at least two ways. One way is to simply double down and do what I must by acts of will. Just do it.

The other way is to start re-examining my life and religious practices to see what changes might be needed to get me back on track or even on a better track. The question at this time is what do I need to be doing differently to better serve and love Thea. I am working both on the doubling down and on the re-examination now. This being the case it would necessarily be a bit pretentious for me to attempt to postulate the vision of a religious theology which I myself often can not live up to. The situation demands a humbler approach. I do think that I have thoughts to share that are worth while; but to attempt to postulate a developed theology is beyond what I should attempt to do now.

The another issue I have been dealing with is the fact that while I have seen myself to be a part of what I used to call the Independent De’anic community, that community no longer exists even in only a formal sense. As far as I am aware my own unique direction in religion is not shared by others. I have never had any aspirations to be a rugged individualist either in religion or any other aspect of life. I have always felt to a great degree that religion properly should be a communal affair and that most of its most important manifestations are in communal expression. I have never been a fan of spiritual individualism, of the idea that we should each be the creator of our own spiritual path. Yet reluctantly that is how I have of necessary lived my life. I wish that a community did exist which had a focus similar to mine. But the reality is different.

Therefore for people such as myself the temptation always exists that if one can create an organization of one, create a set of principles, a spiritual ideology, then one can hope that “If I build it they will come.” However that in fact seldom happens. The reality I am just me with my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences. The reality is that all that I can do is to simply express my own beliefs and my own understandings as these develop over time. Then perhaps these will make a difference or maybe not.

All of these factors lead me to the conclusion that I need to simply think one step at a time and hope for the guidance of Thea. I need to write as my best thoughts move me, as understandings develop. Now is not a time for systematic construction of a spiritual system. My thoughts and ideas keep shifting too much for that.

5 thoughts on “In another direction

  1. I am a Filyana, Sir. I think we travel a similar road, for I concluded a long time ago that the most authentic way to worship the Mother was simple: As the majority of Her religion is conserved, howevermuch with corruption, in the Shaktivist way of Hinduism, I must be a Shaktivist, and hope she will forgive the errors that creep in as a result as the influences that have bent Hinduism from the true path over time as a consequence of descent of the world through the ages.

  2. Purandokht, thanks for the comments. Yes, I think that there is no doubt a strong family resemblence in our belief systems. I view Theanism as being a heterodox form of De’anism. I noticed that you have started what looks like an interesting blog. I plan look at it more closely. Are you involved with the Daughters of Shining Harmony in any way? Just curious. I hope to hear from you again some time.


  3. I conversed with many of the Aristasians from before the renaming, but I never affiliated myself with them. I believe that they themselves are unaffiliated with the original core of Aristasia, as their connections to it are tenuous and unproved. Once, they took Aristasian doctrine seriously, but they divorced themselves from some things necessary for me to join them, so I did not. I have some considerable sympathies with most of Carmilla de Rosa’s efforts, but essentially my conclusion came that, I am a conservative, a traditionalist, and these things are interlinked to our customs. I found the Filianic way because I could not abandon what was in my heart and soul even as I could not countenance having my spiritual life under the diktat of KGB informers. So, you see, Sir, when you come down to it, the Filianic notion of the universe and life has an interesting problem. We have no traditions to conserve. Well, the answer to that is, we do. Our Mother is conserved in the footsteps of Shakti. To worship her is to worship in the community of the Goddess. We should accept the parts that we find imperfect, join the conversation of the adherents to see if the body of the faithful shall mend them, and carry on thusly.

    Alas but for the blog not being updated, on account of the lack of readers. I shall gladly share my thoughts nonetheless if you wish them. My essential thesis is that for our Filianic faith, we must hold our own beliefs while associating with the community of believers in the Mother Goddess who do not share strictly our belief in the faith of the oldest days. She does not mind imperfections of practice delivered in sincerity; if She did, She would have sent us a prophet to correct our ways, and as we are not a prophetic religion, we may assume that those who worship Her know ‘enough’ to do so to Her preference.

  4. Purandokh, I have read your blog articles and found them to be quite interesting. To say the least you have views out of the mainstream. I would like to discuss some of the ideas within them with you at some point in time. As far as people not reading your posts goes, very few people read mine either. It can get discouraging but I keep plugging away. You really should write if you feel called to do so. Even if only a very few read what you have to say, your idea might still have some impact. Furthermore things change. Who knows absolutely what the future holds.

    The Aristasians? I have never thought that the current Aristasian community was a different community than the original. I am aware that the Aristasian community as its seemed to exist in the late 1980’s and 90’s when its seems to have been dominated by Miss Martindale was quite different from the later Aristasian community and to the current Daughters. Miss Martindale and her people do not seem to have been particularly interested in religion at all. In stead they seemed to have been romantically attached to earlier forms of 20th century society in which a strict Victorian style class structure in which a social economic elite was supreme and the serving classes and working classes understood and accepted their subordinate and limited place in life. They seem to have fetishized corporal punishment and Victorian concepts of womanhood. While it is clear that Filianism was their religion (there are brief references to it in some of the 90s literature) religion seems to have been of not much interest to them based on the amount of interest that they gave to it vs. other issues.

    After the operation Bridgehead circa 2005 all of that seems to have changed. The major direction of the community seems to have changed radically. My assumption is that at that time a major power shift occurred within the Aristasian community. An important indication of this besides the decisive development of the Chapel of Our Mother God site, was the fact that the leadership head quarters seems to have moved out of England and become centered in California. Anyway these are my views based on information on the various sites which I have read. I would be interested in knowing more about your views on this subject.

  5. Sir,

    I have posted a few older works of mine–the formatting may be bad and the writing style informal–covering some other ruminations on vaguely relevant philosophical subjects.I have been traveling for job interviews and shall reply in detail about the Aristasians at a later date.

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