Themes of Work, Power, and Freedom

This is the second of the three posts on socialism which I promised. I did some editing on the article in order to prepare it for reblogging. This seems to have been a mistake because now the paragraph structure of the article seems to have been eliminated. I could go back and edit it again but that would be difficult for me so I am leaving it as it. From my blog stats this article appear to be one of the least popular of the articles which I have ever written so in spite of the fact that I think that the article is solid it probably does not matter if the paragraph structure is in place any way. Few will ever read it. I am posting these mainly for myself anyway.

Glenn King

Toward a Radical Center

work at clocksThis article is an attempt to look at both capitalism and cooperative socialism in relation to the themes of freedom, power, and community. This article is not the normal type of literature which comes out of the modern socialist movement. It does represent how I think on these issues however. Further more I think that perhaps Christianity is also to a certain degree concerned about issues of freedom, power, and community. If I am correct in this then the discussion of these themes might be one way to think about the relationship between socialism and Christianity.
Note. I have spent most of my adult life working  in the human services branch of county government. Certainly many of the generalization that I make are based on my own experience in government and on my observations of the experience of those  around me. I have always been a line staff person and never in…

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