Away from Transitioning

Note. I hand wrote the initual stage of this article over a week ago Therefore the immediate setting is not now identical to the when the article first took on a rough shape.


I just spend a couple of hours writing an article in which I spend an inordinate amount of time explaining my problems relating to both Christianity and modern Paganism. Now that I think on it I believe that the exercise was probably a waste of time and the result will probably never see the light of day. Why should anyone care what I think about the two systems of religion.

Since the second half of year what I have really wanted to do has been to write articles regarding issues and ideas which reflect my personal religious interests and beliefs. The problem is that I have always had a fixed idea that before proceeding in that direction I have to explain my transition away from my immediate past beliefs toward the thealogical beliefs which I currently hold. Thus first I needed to explain my transition away from Filianism in which the doctrine of the Daughter is essential toward my current position of a religion of Dea only. That was accomplished last year. After that was accomplished I then felt that I had to explain my transition (the key word here) away from the purely Filianic doctrine of the Angels / Janya to the one I hold now. So far I have not achieved this. Thus because I have believed that I have to explain my positions to a mostly absent audience as I go, I have tended to make either my own personal belief history or the history of the projects in which I have been involved into my task-master.

This constant concern to explain changes in my beliefs from those which I have previously held or to explain my own beliefs vis a vis the dominant belief systems of others has really become quite a strain. It exhausts me and I have become sick of it. Therefore what I plan to attempt to accomplish in my next few posts is to simply write a series of articles explaining where I am thealogically at this point of time; in other words I plan to summarize my personal thealogical belief system which I have chosen to call Theanism. I am fairly certain that at some point of time I will attempt to state the reasons I have changed my perspectives regarding certain issues for example why I have renamed several of the Filianic / Deanic angels. However I will do this in my own time and not within time frames which seem to be dictated by some sort of perverse necessity. If I do achieve this goal hopefully this blog will be a more productive place than it has been in recent months


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