Theanism: A summarization of where I am now

An Introduction.

As stated in my last article I wish to write an account of where I am at thealogically at this time i.e. I will write about Theanism. As stated within my most recent post, I do not plan to explain all of the various ways in which my current positions have come to differ from those I have held in recent past within this blog. Neither do I plan to discuss why they differ from those of the Filianic / Deanic community by which they have been strongly influenced nor why they differ from the positions of other groupings which have also been effected by Filianic thealogy. Of course at a latter date I may very well discuss these subjects but at the present time I simply want to lay out a broad summerization of Theanic thealogy. Another point which I want to make about this work is that it is not complete. Theanism is a world view and a religious practices which will develop over time. For example neither the Theanic perspective on the Janyas / Angels nor other spiritual beings such as gods and goddesses is complete. Ideas will develop and the understandings of these subjects will hopefuly improve over time.

Another fact to be noted is that I have not writen this article from scratch. Instead I decided to use as its initial format an article I wrote in January 2014 called “A Kyrian Interpretation of the Independent Filianism.” which was an effert to summarize the belief system of the Kyrian faith as
I believed it existed at that time. The fact that I have used that document as the original format of this writing will explain certain aspects of the nature of this article such as its use of “we believe” language at times.

Theanic beliefs

Thea Our Mother God. The Theanic belief system is centered in Thea our Mother God, the Creatress of Heaven and Earth and all that exists. Thea, our High Holy One and Queen, is the source, the ground of life and being of all that exists. She our Lady has created day and night, the male and the female, the neutron and electron, angels, spirits, and galaxies. She is the source of the grace of the beauty that surrounds us, the love and matter which uphold us, the meaning which inspires us to action. The purpose of our life is to love, worship and adore Her and to live in submission to her will. The purpose of her good will is that we should live fully, lovingly within humanity and in nature.

Mother beyond form. We also believe in the One who is beyond attributes and who is without form, who is without names. It is as if darkness surrounds Her so that She can not be seen or known. Within Her are all potentialities. While she can be known only darkly she gave birth to the Mother who can be known. Thus we know her only via the Mother and by the means by which the Mother reveals herself. Other peoples have been aware of the Dark Mother, the Mother without form. To some the Chinese for example she is the Tao and to others the Jewish mystics of the past for example she was the En Sof.

The Janatas. We believe in the Janya / the Angels who are often seen as the Seven Spirits of Thea, our High Holy Queen. The Janya are the powerful Personal modes of Being /Aeons / Emanations by which the Being and actions of Thea are known and experienced in the world. They are thus rooted in Thea’s own self and thus can be seen as Thea herself. They may also be seen as living streams of Thea which take on the forms of Angelic beings who act in perfect submission to Thea.

Traditionally the major Janya are seen as seven in number the number of which corresponds with the seven visible planets of traditional cosmology. Thus we have.

Lady Raya the Angel of the spiritual Sun of which the physical sun is a sign. She is the Angel of the Queen-ship, Glory, Majesty, and Fullness of our Lady Thea. In many ways she corresponds to Isis the Female Ra who is discribed also as the fullness of Deity

Lady Chandre the Angel of the spiritual Moon who reflects the Glory and Presence of the Mother. Goddesses such as Persephone and Artemis correspond with her.

Lady Ma’at, the Lady Angel of Justice, Harmony and Stability who personifies and communicates the Justice and Righteousness of the Mother. She can be seen as being almost identical to the Goddess Ma’at.

Lady Atanna, the Angel of struggle, just warfare and protection. She manifests the passionate struggle for the Justice of Thea. She can also be seen as the goddess of the will, strategies, work and the arts of civilization. Of all of the historic goddesses the goddess Athena seens to be her primary manifestation. Another manifestation might be the Hindu goddess Durga

Lady Mati (Sophia) the Angel of the Wisdom and Knowledge of Dea. Goddesses such as Sarasvati and the biblical Sophia seem to mirror her closely

Lady Sushuri the Angel of the Love of Dea and of all human loves, worships and devotions. Aphrodite Urania (the heavenly Aphrodite) and Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of the all the people) thus representing all manifestations of love correspond closely with her.

Lady Melana ( the Dark One or Black One i.e Rhave the female Cronos the Angel of restrictions, discipline and suffering. She is also the repentance which ultimately leads to life. Melana also represents the darkness and associated with the Dark Mother, but also the darkness of the clouds of unknowing often associated with the mystical vision / communion with Thea.

While the traditionally main angels are seven, the reality as many traditions affirm is there are many more Janya several of which might be viewed as important as the seven. Lady Hestia the Janata of the hearth / household / home is one such. Contrary to the Abrahamic traditions, within Theanism, the Janya are worshiped as faces of Thea

Goddesses and other beings. Historically the religions of the world up until the Abrahamic religious revolution perceived the heavens and earth as being inhabited by many goddesses and gods each representing an aspect of divinity which had great influence on the life of the peoples. Thus we had as goddesses, mistresses of the animals such as Diana, goddesses of childbirth and the initiation into adulthood of both males and female, deities associated with grain and good harvest and many more. The perception of these should not be seen as error. On the contrary most of these beings can be seen has having been very important manifestations of the divine power of Thea. Some of the more prominent of these such as Athena and Ma’at clearly were manifestations of the Janya which are rooted within the very being of Thea herself. It is not inappropriate to contemplate, study, and honor these deities to the degree that this enhances life in Thea.

The Scriptures of Thea. Thea has revealed herself within this world through scriptures. The primary group of scripture for this time are those which were called the Teachings of the Daughter with were revealed in the 1970s. However other scriptures of Thea have been revealed much earlier. These include Hindu scriptures such as the Devi Mahatmya and the Hymns of Isis which reveal her as being the universal goddess. From the rich Marian traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and from Eastern Orthodoxy come a rich devotional literature of psalms and songs dedicated to Mary which in spite of some patriarchal references can clearly be seen as being hymns of praise and devotion to Thea herself. All of these works can be seen as scripture by servants of Thea

Contrary to the primary perspective of most modern religious faiths, human beings do need the scripture which point to the Divine.Thus We do believe in the importance of the scriptures of Thea and will study and take guidance from them.

Scriptures are composed to be a guidance to us so that we can live filled with truth, justice, and the love of the world through our love of Dea. They are meant to communicate divine truths. They are not meant to master or enslave us or to communicate that which oppresses, is cruel, or is not in accord with the knowledge, justice, and love of Thea. We believe in the scriptures literally when this is needed and non-literally when that is needed.

While the Scriptures should be central to the life of the community, we do not believe that a monopoly of truth resides within them. There are many religious traditions both written and unwritten that contain truth, knowledge and which provide guidance in life. It is the right of the people of Thea to take what we need from these traditions and while remaining faithful to those which are unique to Thea.

The Wheel of the Year. A sacred calender of fasts, festivals, and sacred times and seasons is a natural part of traditional religions. As the community dedicated to Thea develops such a sacred calender will develop based on community needs

Worship. We strive to engage daily in the worship and adoration of Dea. Do we this within our own solitude and in community when that is possible.


Some Unique aspects of Theanic religion.

As stated previously in prior posts Theanism in certain ways is an heterodox form of the Deanic faith. In other ways it has been influenced by other religious influence outside of that context. The following are some of the unique aspects of Theanism which do separate it from the ideas of The Deanic faith.

Theanic thealogy is dedicated to the belief that Thea loves her creation equally and that men have the right to stand beside women equally within the faith.

Theanism believes that this world is our home as of necessity. We are tied to it. Therefore we must be concerned for it, care for it. and even love it. We must fight to protect it. We desire that Thea’s ma’at / justice be established upon this earth.

Theanism rejects the Traditionalist belief in world stages in which history is seen as an inevitable path of spiritual and moral decline. This seems to us to be the equally wrong polar opposite of the belief of both religious and secular progressives that humankind is in some sort of inevitable historical ascent forward due to its increasing control of science and technology. Both the ideas of inevitable decline and of inevitable progress lessen the sense of responsibility that persons should have for this world now.

Theanism is Perennialistic. It believes that spiritual truths and wisdom permeate though out the majority of the religions of humankind. We do not dogmatically hold to the 20th Century Traditionalist school of Rene Guenon. While we respect many of the intellectual achievements of Traditionalist thinkers and are willing to accept and utilize the ideas of that school when appropriate, we are not dogmatically committed to that school of thought.

The purpose of Theanism is to enable persons to be centered in Thea’s worship and to be obedient to her loving will. However Theani retain the right to think for themselves. Future members of the Theanic community will not required to renounce their religious freedom or searchings. They are not required to reject the idea of divine balance which might include a belief in both masculine and feminine aspects of the Deity. On the other hand the primary purpose of Theanism is the worship of Thea. The purpose of Theanic thealogy will not be to create a thealogical system of balance between male and female spiritual forces. The Western World has been dominated now for 2000 years by Monotheistic faiths in which God is seen as male only.Now is the time for Thea our Lady and Queen to recieve full and total worship as well.

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