Toward a Discussion of Scriptures

As early as 2013 one of the purposes which I envisioned for this blog was that it would be a place in which I could discuss sacred scriptures, not just those of the Filianic / Deanic faith but also those of other faiths when I felt that this discussion was pertinent. The problem of course is that things happen, and often life does not go according to how one may have hoped. Well I again hope to make a discussion of the scriptures of Thea a prominent aspect of this blog. What I hope to accomplish in this post will be to define and explain this direction a bit more.

First to the obvious question of what do I define as being the scriptures of Thea. For the much larger Orthodox Filianic movement ( that community is not large but obviously it is much larger than is my little religious space) the scriptures are the group of writings developed in the 1970’s which is named by that community the Gospel of Our Mother God. I have discussed this version of the scriptures and other versions such as the New Celestial Union Version edited by Sarah Morrigan in prior posts. Check out these links to those articles if interested.

During the approximate year and a half in which the Kyrian Church attempted to represent the Independent Filianic movement another group of writings also came to have some informal status within that community. These were a collection of 150 psalms dedicated to the Virgin Mary which were written by the Roman Catholic Franciscan Saint Bonaventure. Many of these very short hymns (normally no more than six or seven lines each) were felt to reveal a beauty of devotion and love of the Lady and spiritual insights which seemed so powerful that many could not help but believe that these psalms are providentially meant to be seen as sciptures of Thea.

In recent months the Kyrian Church has disbanded and its membership has merged to become a significant branch of the Matronite movement led by Arch-Matrona Georgia Cobb. The Matronites at this stage do not see the need adopt any formal scriptures. I, however, continue to see the need for scriptures for Filianic, and Deanic and Theanic religions organizationally and for me personally many of the psalms from out of the the Marian Psalter of Saint Bonaventure do have an significant role in my devotional life. Of the recognized scriptures of the Filianic / Deanic community I also view as scriptural most if not all of the writings commonly called the Teaching of the Daughter.

In further posts I will be utilizing this blog to discuss both the Teachings of the Daughter and the group of Marian psalms / Psalms of Thea which play a significant role in my religious life. I will start this process with an ongoing discussion of the Psalms and at a latter date will also begin a discussion of some of the Teachings.


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