The Deanic Debate Topics: Monotheism, Sexism, History

Erin Avalonia has written a solid article for her Daughter of the Queen blog called ” The Deanic Debate Topics: Monotheism, Sexism, History.” It is well worth reading.
I have enclosed it here


Daughter of the Queen

Astraea 16 3335

Hello there! Hope you’re all doing well.

Today I want to talk about something relatively controversial within not only Deanic communities, but wider theo/thealogical schools of thought.

There are a few reasons why Filianism has been looked down upon by certain groups, and why even now, when I am at a point where I am relatively comfortable with my faith, I experience bouts of insecurity and doubt. In this post will attempt to address three of the arguments against Filianism/Deanism and not necessarily ‘debunk’ them but work around them, and explain my opinions. I hope this post can inspire conversation both inside and outside Deanic communities.

Argument I: Monotheism Is Bad

As Filianism is a very small religion, I tend to seek fellowship with Pagans/other Goddess followers as well as with other Deanists/Filianists. The more friends the merrier, right? I have quite a few friends who worship Dea…

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