I am formally announcing …..

I know that I have not posted much on this blog this year. This the fact in spite of the fact that I have doing a lot of writing. Still, however, I was surprised when I recently viewed it and discovered that my last post was in December of last year. Well that statement aside, I have decided formally to cease production on this blog certainly in the near term and perhaps permanently. However because I do like many of the articles which I have posted here I have no plans to take this blog down. New readers may still find some subjects of interest within it.

So the question is why am I closing Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven. This blog was developed during a time in which I had a great amount of enthusiasm and optimism for the De’anic religious tradition. Unfortunately I no longer have that optimistic sense that De’anism will play any role in the religious future of humankind. I hope that I am wrong regarding this but if De’anism is to have a future its believers will have to take radically new directions from those made in the past. At the minimal they will have to establish “on the ground” real worshiping communities in which real shared life exists among members. “Virtual community” while having some value is simply not enough.

Another reason for my lack of hope in the movement is that for the last couple of years at the very least I have not felt myself to be a part of any real De’anic community. Oh I have some good friends in the movement. However for the most part I have felt like the odd man out surrounded by a movement which while it did have some unity of direction was moving in a direction that several ways did not represent ways that I would have wished. That attempt to create a unified, public, organizational expression for De’anism at least for now has ceased. The public expression of De’anism is now more decentralized and is represented by a series of internet blogs, most of them still Janite in thealogy, some of which are written by very enthusiastic younger persons. That is very good but that does not change the fact that I have not had much of a sense of being a part of a movement and certainly not of a community since the early period of Independent De’anism.

Note I am aware that the term “community” means very different things to different persons. Thus is entirely possible that what several people might experience as “community,” may not be experienced as community at all by others. What I am talking about here is my own sense of “community.” Perhaps I will discuss some of the issues of community more objectively within my next blog. It is a subject which I have thought about for years.

So the fact is that this blog no longer represents where I am at. Is is time for a change. I do plan to create a new blog of a more personal nature. Within it I will continue to discuss De’anism hopefully in ways which are more relevant than have been my posts in the past. I also plan to discuss other issues to which I am drawn. Some of them will probably be religious, some political, some cultural, etc. When the new blog is ready I will announce it here

Glenn King

5 thoughts on “I am formally announcing …..

  1. Sad to hear this since I love this blog, but I completely understand your reasons and am excited to see your new blog!

  2. Dear Glenn, I am finding this blog a tremendous resource and inspiration. Thank you for keeping it up. I understand and support your decision to move onto a new blog.

  3. Very sad to hear you’re leaving for now but can completely understand why, and your viewpoints on De’anism. Even though I’m feeling more drawn to forms of Goddess Christianity now, I really relate to your points about De’anism needing more than a virtual community to be viable – as sad as that may be.
    I know I’m still very new, but I did enjoy reading posts on your blog! I wish you the best for the future and will be following your next blog when the time comes.

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