A New Purpose

I recently announced that I planned to discontinue writing posts here and announced that I planned to create a new personal blog in which I would write on a variety of subjects. The link to that blog entitled Thoughts from the Outside is at https://houseofthea.wordpress.com/
However since then I have done some rethinking regarding my decision to discontinue blogging here. What has happened is that I have recently come to an idea for a new purpose for this blog. For several years now I have thought that I would like to post a substantial number of the De’anic scriptures on line along with some running commentary regarding them. For a variety of reasons I have never done this. However now the time seems right for this project.

This project I hope can accomplish several purposes. First it will hopefully introduce a significant portion of the De’anic Scriptures to a wider audience. Secondly it will give me the opportunity to express my own thoughts regarding certain scriptures. A third reason for the project is that hopefully it will generate discussion within the De’anic community about the significance of certain Deanic scriptures and their possible meanings.

Regarding the scope of this project, I do not plan to post the full De’anic scriptures here. This project is more modest in scale. The scriptures which will be posted will come from the group of writings generally known as the ‘Teachings of the Daughter’ or simply as the “Teachings.” My reasons for posting only this section of the scriptures is primarily thealogical. The Teachings are much more central to my own understanding of De’anism than is the “Mythos” other major part of the scriptures.

I do want to make a couple of caveats about this project. First the commentary which I will write along side the various writings should be understood to represent my own ideas and opinions only. They will not be an attempt to be a full thealogical commentary and neither will they necessarily represent the views of any organized De’anic group or tradition. Finally I hope in general to simply allow the beautiful writings of the Deanic scriptures to speak for themselves. I hope that my comments will clarify them to some degree and point out ideas which I believe to be particularly significant.


7 thoughts on “A New Purpose

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    While I plan for this to be my primary personal blog, I have decided to extend the work of Devotion to the High Queen of Heaven for the purpose of posting certain of the Deanic scriptures.


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