The Crystal Tablet – verses 1-8


I start this process by posting the first eight verses of the scriptural writing called the Crystal Tablet. This book though it makes more sense to call it a chapter is the first of the group of books / chapters normally called the Teachings of the Daughter. This group of writings are called the Teachings of the Daughter or Teachings because within some of these writings it is the Divine Daughter who supposedly speaks. She of course within the Filianic version of De’anism plays the central role within its salvation mythos. It is interesting that in spite of its name the writing contains no references to any crystal tablet within the body of the text itself. Thus it has always seemed to me that its title has been miscast. A better title to my mind would be the “The Tapestry” which is the dominating image of the first eight verses of the writing. Note. All of these scriptures which will be utilized in this project will be from the New Celestial Union Version of the De’anic scriptures edited by Sarah Amy Morrigan.

The Crystal Tablet Verses 1 – 8

Existence is a web of tapestry. A web is a pattern of many crossroads connected by short paths. Some crossroads are the intersection of many paths, some of but a few. Some are great and some are small. Each path has its own colour.
Every crossroads is a choice, and every choice has a spiritual meaning. In each turning we choose either to come closer to Perfection or else to move away from Her. In the first way the soul perfects herself in beauty; in the second she grows duller and more coarse. In the first way she learns happiness even in dearth, and gathers riches of the spirit; in the second she learns pain even amid opulence, and the spirit walks in rags.
Where lead the paths? The first to the foot of the celestial throne; the second to the dark gates of the realm of death.


I do not want to risk overshadowing the actual sacred writing by a multitude of comments. I will try to keep them brief within these posts. The writings introduce several of the most important themes of De’anism. Some of these are: One. To a great degree life is a series of choices between a life in the spirit in contrast to the alternative a life not related to the Spirit / Perfection / Dea herself. Within this other life the soul grow dull and course. It learns pain. One path leads it to the celestial throne and the other to the realm of death. These teachings in general accord with the traditional teachings of the major teachings of most of the world’s religions. They of course do not agree so well with those belief systems which de-emphasize the role of moral choice in the world’s affairs or which deny a divine source of the world.


Note, For a copy of the full De’anic scriptures click here




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