The Crystal Tablet – verses 9 – 17

Crystal Tablet verses 9-17

How shall the soul know her direction? As in the world of matter there are four fixed points by which the corporeal vessel may know its course, so, in the compass of the spirit, are there three to guide the soul.
The first is life, or wholeness, the light of the Absolute; the second is light, or force, the light of the Mother; the third and gentlest light is love, the light of our Saviour, the Maid. Life is the life of the spirit, the first principle; beyond being and unbeing. Life was before existence. Life is the cause of existence. How shall the soul live in life? Let her realize the truth of her self and the truth of the Absolute. Let her know that her life is beyond even her existence, that the absolute life, the life of Thea, is beyond all existence. Let her not be held from herself or her Thea by anything that exists, for all the things that are have come from nothing and to nothing shall return. But the divine life, and her life within it, was ever and shall ever be, though time itself shall only last a space. Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the ground upon which that ground stands. Rather let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as in some sense they are. But let her know life divine as the truth beyond truth and the faith beyond faith and doubt.

Comments. I am certain that I do not grasp all of the possible meanings of these verses. However I do want to say a few things. Clearly life here is viewed as ultimately that which is of Dea. It reverses the normal scientific world view in which life is only defined biologically. Biological life here is referred to as existence and is based on the greater life of Dea. Life is Dea and Dea is life. “Rather let her doubt the sea …” I do not think that what is being said here is that persons should actually doubt the realities of sea, sky and bodily existence and make some kind or mental effort to perceive material reality as unreal. What is being said is that we should perceive and know Thea as being even more real and relevant than even these solid realities of earth, sky, and sea. The theme of the illusionary nature of the world which is persistent within the De’anic scriptures begins here. What it says here is that this world of nature is “in some sense” illusion. In other words it is not entirely illusional.

How does that work? Well if the sky, sea, human body and other aspects of this world are ultimately seen as existing separately from and outside of the context of the life of Thea, that the text says is illusional. It is also a scientific fact that in spite of the fact that human beings perceive the material world as being made up of many objects that are distinct and solid, that itself is more a perception than a full reality. While this how we experience the world and thus is true as far as it goes, it is also only one way to view the world. Matter is in fact made up of atoms which we can not see without the technology of science and it is also a fact that great amount of space exists between the nuclei of atoms and their electron orbits. Then of course there is much more space between atoms themselves. Thus the fact is that physical objects whihc we generally perceive as solid are mostly what we call empty space but we can not directly perceive this. The reason why separate objects hold together are because of the very strong energy fields which bind material objects together. Thus our own perceptions are not absolute.

However there is another way of viewing this issue of the nature of matter. Differing people at differing times and places view objects and nature differently. If one is preoccupied, anxious or distraught in any of many ways, when one is taking a walk in a nice neighborhood one is often unlikely even to notice the beauty which often surrounds one. One is unlikely to respond to it and may not even see it. If on the other hand one is alert to and focused on the beauty of flower, trees, and landscapes them one may see it. Certainly both experiences are real. However within a De’anic perspective the beauties of physical objects is a deeper reality and more akin to the beauty of Thea herself. It is relatively more real and is more as the world really is.

Please note I am not attempting to dismiss the one who is preoccupied with solving a problem which must be solved or who is dealing with a sorrow that must be dealt with. There is a time for everything. Perhaps it is the will of Dea that he or she should be dealing with those issues at that particular time.


3 thoughts on “The Crystal Tablet – verses 9 – 17

  1. Ruth thanks for the comments. I am glad that my words may have helped you some in your struggles. I have certainly been struggling with the issue for some time.


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