Atrocity, Evil, and the Gods – Deb Miskell’s article

Deb Miskell of the author of a mostly Pagan but also Filianic influenced blog is called The Veiled Witch. Evidently as a response to the Orlando Florida massacre she has just written a very good article entitled Atrocity, Evil and the Gods. In many ways her thealogy which is a blend of hard Nordic Paganism and Independent Filianic beliefs is very different in many ways from my own. However in many ways I often find her articles to be extremely well thought out, articulate, and to be important. Her thoughts in response to the Orlando massacre is certainly all of these things. What I am going to do is share the first few paragraphs of her article and then provide a link so that others can benefit from reading the rest of article at her own site.

Note. I do want to to let readers know that I plan to continue my posts on the De’anic Scriptures hopefully within a few weeks


Atrocity, Evil, and the Gods

It is easy to believe in the goodness of the Gods when you are safe, comfortable, and operating under the assumption that you are secure in your position. When all is well, it is very, very easy to believe that humanity in inherently good and that all the spirits of the worlds are benevolent. It is a pleasant deception. For many, it is a deception that they operate under for a very long time. It is a kind of ignorance that people mistakenly believe is innocence. Thus, when they talk about a loss of innocence, they are talking about when this state of ignorance is rather abruptly ended.

Sometimes, it ends with a death of a beloved pet. Sometimes, it is the experience of having a taste of the exquisite cruelty that humanity can muster in your life. Or, perhaps, it is witnessing an atrocity of some sort. Humans are very good at tricking themselves into believing that the horrors that happen in the world are all things that can not happen to them because they happen ‘far away’ or to ‘other people.’ We can muddle along with that false assumption for a while but something will invariably come along and rip that blindfold off and force us to look at the uglier side of existence.

In theology and metaphysics, the question as to what is the nature of the world brings us to a place where we must define what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil.’ The most basic definition of evil that can be found is suffering. Some may add modifiers to that definition and say that it is conditional suffering wherein it serves no purpose for the person suffering and can not be avoided. Others may add the modifier that it is suffering that is inflicted upon another person for no purpose. The additional things that get defined as ‘evil’ all are attached somehow to this root concept that it is unwanted, purposeless suffering that we can not avoid.

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1 thought on “Atrocity, Evil, and the Gods – Deb Miskell’s article

  1. We were created as beings in perfect harmony, in which suffering is impossible. We moved away from that harmony into a state of disharmony, in which form disintegrates, and principles that work together work against each other. This creates suffering, and the suffering impels us to return to harmony. It strengthens will concentration, and endurance, leader to greater non-attachment. It also creates moral decisions. Without the possibility that our actions can do both good and evil, there would be no morality. That fact that there are people starving has caused some people to dedicate their lives to feeding them. Out of evil comes virtue.

    We create our own suffering by impure actions which make the spirit manifest in an impure way. That is how karma works.

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