A moderate change in direction

While I plan to continue to discuss the De’anic scriptures in future posts, I have changed my mind on how I plan to do this. Instead of simply posting the scriptures consecutively, I am thinking of approaching them by discussing the thealogical themes found within them. This way of approaching them is in fact much more organic in nature and will be much more in line with how the scriptures of religious communities such as that of Christianity and others have established the status and use of various scriptures within the religious life of those communities. It is also mirrors how individuals such as myself tend to use scriptures within their own individual lives as well.

Thus within the thealogical traditions of Evangelical Christianity the various books and parts of the Bible are in fact assigned very different levels of importance and functions within the each religious denomination. For example the doctrines of St. Paul found within the books of both Romans and Galatians where the themes of salvation by faith in Christ as opposed to salvation by doing the acts of the law have lain at the very center of the doctrines of traditional Protestant Christianity as developed by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others. They are still central. On the other hand most of the Old Testament particularly its legal codes and various books of the Christian New Testament such as the Book of James, a book, Martin Luther called an Epistle of Straw are not nearly as central. Furthermore certain of Jesus’ teachings such as “turn the other cheek, … love your enemies and pray for them who spitefully use you, etc” are for most Christians mere pious phrases not to put into real practice. On the other hand for the Anabaptist sects such as the Mennonites and the latter Quakers these scriptures which seem to suggest an ethic of absolute non-violence are absolutely central to how these groups interpret Christianity and the spiritual practice and ethics of these communities

I might as well discuss another issue here. While the independent De’anic tradition in general (there are a few important exceptions) has laid claim to its scriptures, it has seemed to me for a long time, however, that the scriptures in general have never been discussed all that much, nor has much practical emphasis been placed on them.. It has been other subjects such as the angelologies of Deanism, its yearly wheel of holy days, the various living images of Dea, etc which seems to receive the bulk of attention. Hopefully future discussions of its scriptures will help elevate the importance of De’anism’s scriptures both in the eyes of De’anism’s believers and in the eyes of others as well.

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