A personal credo

In some ways I have a very orderly mind. When I decide to write something I really like to explain why I am focusing on this particular subject at this time. Certainly my last two articles were written just to point out the reason I will be going in some what different directions with this blog than previously. I also tend in my writing to assume that I have an audience of readers who regularly follow what I have written and want to understand why my writings undergo the changes that they do. The problem of is that while I do have some readers who do follow my blog regularly, the bulk of my followers probably do not. What I think is that most simply follow my blog simply as part of a strategy to gain followers of their own blogs. It is a policy of tit for tat. They have blogs which they hope others will follow and therefore they hope that by deciding to follow a blog such as mine that I will follow them in turn. I believe this because when I do get a new followers I check out what ever blogs that they own. In most cases the subjects of these blog have absolutely relationship to the type of subjects that I write about. I see no reason why they would want to follow my blog thus I draw my conclusion.

The point is that I need not be so scrupius about confusing my readers and in explaining the directions I take in my writings. From a realistic point of view I am writing primarily for myself to express ideas that are meaningful to me. Therefore while within my most recent articles I perhaps communicated the implicit assumption that the thealogical perspectives found within the Deanic scriptures would be the almost exclusive subject of this blog, that is not going to be the case. While certainly as its name suggests this is a blog in which issues of religion are paramount, the sources of my religion are not focused only on the ideas of the De’anism which I have discovered during the last five years. As should be clear by now I have been influenced by various forms of Christianity through out my whole life. For most of the last 15 years I have also been what might called a Monotheistic Isian in faith. I also over the years have studied other religious traditions as well. The point is that I have a fairly large reserve of ideas from other sources out side of De’anism. These ideas impact my interpretations of Deanism and in some cases override any ideas I might have received from the De’anic traditions. So do not be surprised if I decide not to stay on a purely De’anic track. Do not be surprised if I go in directions that seem completely off the wall from a De’anic perspective in future posts. I of course will be pursuing the goals which I set for myself in the last two posts but on my time line and not on a purely lineal time line

Now I want to introduce the subject which I want to discuss at this time.

A credo

I believe in the the Queen of Heaven and Earth and the Neitherland
and I will praise her holy Name

I will worship the Holy Lady, the Creatress and the Savioress of the worlds

My hope is in her Name and my faith is in her love
and I will struggle in the way of her righteousness and salvation.

O Holy One keep me in your way this day and not the way of others.

Help me to turn away from my sins.

All praises to your Holy Name, My creatress and my Queen

This blog is about my own thoughts and ponderings regarding Dea particularly in my relationship with Dea. The above statement of beliefs was written by myself perhaps in 2008 or 2009. I do not remember exactly when but I am fairly sure that it was before I became aware of De’anism. I have regularly recited this statement of belief since on an almost daily basis until the present. I do this to remind myself regularly what I believe, how I hope to live in my life, and as an expression of prayer to Dea. It of course expresses in its words, ideas and concepts which are both familiar and meaningful to me. I wish to discuss some of these.

I believe …. I think that the idea of believing is pretty straight forward. However a bit can be said about it. In the modern world and in fact within the Ancient World “mere” belief was often ridiculed. The ancient Gnostics viewed belief or faith as being vastly inferior is status to Gnostic perceptions of their own “knowledge.” The problem is that the reality is that most persons in fact are not born with hidden insights into the nature of the Divine. Belief is the logical place to start in a relationship with Dea and most of humanity, myself included are not mystics. Faith / Belief is of course not certain and within ones beliefs one may have powerful doubts. However by ones belief one has at least some hope in this world. Without a solid belief in something hopefully God, unless one is very fortunate it is hard to see how one will not be drowned by the sorrows of the world.

…. in the the Queen of Heaven and Earth and the Neitherland and I will praise Her Holy Name
My belief in a very personal Goddess / God who is the Queen of all that exists. Queenship of course is a status of authority and power. Obedience is owed to a Queen. It is a hierarchical relationship in which the Holy One is in the heavens and I am on earth. Please do not interpret my word too literally. Yes divinity and the divine glory may be spread upon the earth, our souls may contain the spark of her being, but we are not divine. We are beings of her creation.

I will worship the Holy Lady, the Creatress and the Savioress of the worlds The Holy lady is also the Savioress of the worlds ( I assume that there are more worlds than just this one) and she holds a way of salvation. For those to see salvation as being a purely otherworldly Christian construct as in saved for heaven and saved from hell. Let me disabuse you. The idea of salvation was common within the Greco-Roman world. Ancient gods and goddesses such as Isis were saviors and savoresses from many ills, from wars, famine, political oppression, from disease, poverty and from death itself. . Even the Roman emperors were seen as saviors who brought peace and justice into the world. Salvation is a universal concept within religion. It is not something that is narrowly tied to the Abrahamic faiths.

What do I owe to the Queen of Heaven? Well among many things, some of the most important are “worship” and “praise.” The question is why does she require worship and praise. Of course within traditional religions both Pagan and Abrahamic it has been axiomatic that praise and worship are owed to the Deity whether she be one or many because that is what deities desire. Among many modern alternative religions and particularly among persons who reject religious faith in general the purpose of praise and worship is often suspect. Many suspect that God / Dea is a gigantic egotist who for his or her sense of power wants praise and glory to feed his / her very human-like ego. This is seen properly as being an attribute unworthy of God.

This is my take on the question. First even human beings need praise. People who receive a lot of praise in their lives particularly their childhoods often feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. Those who do not but instead receive nothing but criticism or even condemnation often have real troubles through out their lives. Dea is not obviously a human being but according to both the Deanic, Christian, and other scriptural traditions God’s nature is love. Love also wish to receive appreciation and to have its love reciprocated by others. This is the case even if it often can live without reciprocation. By praising, and worshiping the Holy Lady human beings show their love, appreciation, and admiration for her. By not doing so they show indifference.

However another issue is involved. By our very love, worship and praise of Dea we are brought into closer contact with her. We began to feel her presence. She in turn can pour her grace into us enabling us to live richer lives than we would otherwise.

My hope is in her Name and my faith is in her love … I do not think that I need to say much about the concepts of hope and faith beyond stating the obvious fact that all humans have to place their confidence and hopes in something. I chose to place hope in Dea’s name and my faith in her love. These seem more certain to me than to place it in the goodness of humanity, the progress of science, the benevolence of the Cosmos or any of the other idols of humanity

and I will struggle …The concept of struggle itself is not particularly prominent within modern forms of Christianity nor in the new alternative religions. It is very prominent within Islam though. The word used in that religion is “jihad” which means struggle. One meaning of course within that religion can be actual military struggle for the justice of God ( Note. the ISEL / the so-called Islamic State butchers and murderer are only pseudo-Muslims) but another way of expressing the meaning of the world struggle within Islam is via the term the “greater jihad.” The greater jihad within Islam is the struggle of the heart to attach itself to God and to his way. It is also a struggle against the evil which always seems to dwell within the heart.

The concept of struggle from my own personal experience seems to me to be what life is often about. Life for me has always been is a struggle. Very seldom if ever are the good things ever simply delivered on a silver platter. Christians talk a lot about grace but grace is costly and one must give one whole life up to receive it.

… in the way of her righteousness and salvation. It is an unfortunate fact that the word “righteousness is used in the modern world almost solely within the context of the concept of self-righteousness. Thus a person who is self-righteous is generally seen as arrogant, full of themselves, condemnatory, etc. Very seldom is the word “righteousness” used positively in spite of the fact that within the Bible and many other religious traditions it is a central concept. With a little study I could write a full paper on the meaning and history of the word as it is used within the Biblical traditions and other traditions as well. However what I want to do here is simply state my own interpretation of righteousness. To be righteous simply means to be in right / proper / good relationship with the realities of God / Dea, ones self, and the persons and community surrounding oneself, and to the world of humanity and nature. Thus to be right by Dea one should be in a relationship of love, worship and obedience to her. A right relationship with the self implies a certain kind of love of self with no false pride and self destructive tendencies. Right behavior to the world obviously includes a love of family, friends, and a concern for ones own community and a concern for justice for all people.

O Holy One keep me in your way this day and not the way of others. Help me to turn away from my sins I want to say few thing about the concept of sin here. Many, many persons who have spent their childhood and adolescent years within fundamentalist Christian churches have adsorbed a great overdose of “sin talk.” Talk about sin is often an all consuming focus within a great numbers of Christian communities. Furthermore sin within these communities is very largely associated primarily with activities associated with sexuality and other forms of pleasure. Seldom is it connected with the structural oppressions which dominate the world. Thus it is understandable that many reject the idea of sin. However as one gets older one increasingly notices the corruptions, oppressions, and wars of humanity. It increasingly seems that sin is a part of all human activity. It is also increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that sin, a falling short of the will of Dea, is an important aspect of ones own life and the lives of those around one as well. What is this sin? It is all of the self destructive impulse which destroy ones life and limits ones ability to life fully and vigorously. It is the urge to dominate and hurt others. It is the urge to selfishness and to forgetting of Dea. So yes It makes perfect sense to me to pray that I turn away from my sins.

All praises to you my Creatress and Queen

OK this is enough. As I stated initially the above credo is an expression of my own response to Dea and to much of life in general. It says a lot about my self and my world view. Since the expression of my own thoughts on issues of Dea and her way is in fact a major purpose of this blog I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to discuss it here. Perhaps the above may sound preachy to some. Well I am sorry for that. Take it for what it is worth.

3 thoughts on “A personal credo

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  2. Hello Glenn,
    I enjoy reading why you have decided to post about a particular subject. I gain knowledge. I had wondered why some followers of my own blog wanted to follow me, as their blogs were unrelated to mine. Although a blog is usually just one aspect of an author’s life or hobby related. Thank you for your conclusion.

    Your exploration of different religious traditions during your life time is a treasure trove of ideas, and forms of devotion. It informs and enriches your writing, which in turn is of benefit to me.

    As I commented on Madria Erin’s blog post
    Madria Erin’s 3 truths of “There is a God (Who can be seen in many different ways), God is Good- pure Love & Light, and some day we will return to God.” is a beautiful expression of my heartfelt faith that during this life I am on the path to God.”

    Your personal Credo is much more advanced than mine and therefore I am learning about how close to Dea’nic morality you are expressing at the start of every day. Through your use of different vocabulary such as positive righteousness and sin as self destruction, my struggles with my beliefs are lessened.

    The personal can be of benefit to others. 🙂

    May She be with you. Blessed is She
    Sophia Ruth

  3. Sophia Ruth thank you very much for your comments. I very often feel that I am posting into a void and I often wonder if my writings have any relevance at all. I am so glad that you have gotten something out of them and I am also glad for those few who simply indicate that they have read them and like them. It helps motivate me to continue.


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