All Praises to Isis

I have been working on several differing issues lately and thus it has been a while since I have been 209px-Isis_-_Viennaable to post here. Therefore I thought that I would post a short hymn to Isis which I composed late in the last decade. It is one of the psalms which I recite almost daily. From one of the great Marian psalms it is said “let her praise be pleasant and beautiful.” I always try to do that whenever I compose original works of praise or edit psalms from the Psalter. I am neither a poet nor a great writer, but I still see beauty within this psalm. Since I do believe that psalms and praises to Dea are not just about pleasant words to appreciate but also have meaning to communicate I will be presume to comment on certain parts of this hymn in spite of the fact that I am its author. Hopefully my words will not be too pedantic

All Praises to Isis

All praises to Isis, the Queen of the angels, the Pure One, the Holy One, the Almighty
The Lady who gives all good things, the food which sustains us, the wealth that we enjoy
Praise her whose Beautiful Face is Joy and Glory
The Great One who establishes the security of nations and of peoples
Honor the Goddess who brings justice, the Lady who breaks the chains of oppression.
All praises to Her Holy Name.

First for some general background, when I wrote this hymn I wished it to be reflective of what I knew about Isis through her hymns and writings of the ancient past. Thus within her hymns at times she was referred to as the Almighty, the Queen of the goddesses and gods (angels in this hymn). She is referred to as being Beautiful and as bringing Joy. She brings Justice, breaks the chains of oppression and does establish the security of nations and peoples. All I have done is here is to condense much of this information into a single short hymn.

I need now simply to make a few comments on some ideas that are expressed within the poem. I want again to state my views on the issue of praise. Praise is an expression of love of Dea. Not only does praise please her; it also purifies the worshiper and brings that person into her loving presence. From that presence her graces flow more easily. to her worshipers.

Her Beauty? Beauty is normally not viewed as a theological category by most people in the West. Certainly from within the Protestant traditions beauty is seldom thought of as being of the nature of God. Beauty is normally seen as being purely a part of the physical world of matter and often even as being a distraction to the pure worship of the unmaterial spirit of God. Other traditions of course have seen it differently. The Sufi tradition of Islam did see beauty as being a central aspect of Allah. The Eastern Orthodox Church has seen the beauty of God as being reflected both through its icons but also through certain of its traditions. The book regarding the traditions of the church fathers called the Philokalia (The Love of Beauty) is an example of this. Hinduism and many other religious traditions have also seen beauty as being a central category of spirituality. Likewise the Egyptian religious tradition saw both Goddesses such as Isis and Hathor and male deities such as Ra and Osirus as beautiful as well. This seems to me to be a central truth of spirituality.

Food? in the modern world of the West for the majority of people having enough food is seldom seen as a major worry. Thus when we pray words such as the above, the words may seem entirely conventional. We do need to remember though that through out most of human history and within the modern world as a whole getting enough food to eat is a major concern. The food that we eat is still ultimately a gift of Dea.

The Justice Bringer? For most people whom I know and seemingly for most people in the West there is a vast divide between religion and politics. For these people religion / spirituality is a completely private matter between God and the individual. It is purely privatized and should be kept out of the public realm of economics, politics, and culture. This public realm is thus given over to the realm of mammon, to the purely secular. The ancient Egyptians, the Hebrews, and in fact most ancient peoples did not see it this way. They believed that the security of the state, of society, and the safety of the people was dependent on having a good relationship with the Deity(s). This could lead to the oppression of those who deviated from the religious and other culturally defined norms because these minorities were believed to bring divine wrath onto communities if not punished. The idea could be abused greatly, certainly in the medieval period heresy excucutions and later witchcraft persecutions abounded.

However given the fact that almost all societies have believed that a strong corrolations exists between the well being of a society and its relationship to deity and because the concept makes sense to me, I believe it as well. This is in spite of the fact that based on my own understanding of history and experience of the world it is hard to see how that relationship occurs in reality. I could write a full article regarding my speculations regarding this issue and I probably will at some point in time. However I promised a relatively short article here. Suffice it to say in spite of the obvious examples of horrible injustice in the world such as the last decades ongoing genocide of the people of Darfur and this decades civil war in Syria, I must believe in the justice of Dea. I must believe that she is the bringer of justice and the breaker of the chains of oppression. I must believe that the prayers of the saints for justice and the protection of the people have an impact even if that impact may be not be obvious.

Does any evidence at all exist that Dea is listening to our prayer for peace and justice. Well wars ultimately do end and some injustices are remedied, and sometimes even ended completely. These are perhaps signs in spite of the sufferings of history which have existed and which to some degree will to continue. How is Dea’s will to justice prevail? Well generally not through direct divine intervention from out of the sky as the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe. If that were the case the Jewish Holocaust and many of human made slaughters of history would not have happened. Clearly the working of justice and defence against material evil occurs generally not through easily seen divine interventions but as a result of the actions of her human agents who may be inspired by her even if they do not even acknowledge her existance. Thus when justice occurs it is a human and divine affair. Enough for now.

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