Mysteria Dea Matrona – Mysterious Great Mother

Within my last post I made reference to the Dark Mother or Lady without form. The post of course was also focused on the Janya Aset Melanae who I believe can be legitimately viewed as the Dark Lady, as Holy Darkness or Good Quiet and as a reflection of the Mother without form. None of these aspects of Dea can be legitimately viewed being any form of glorification of the negative or of evil. To give a bit of extra clarification on this subject I am reblogging an article from the My Devotion to Dea a blog owned by Sister Sophia Ruth. The article “Mysteria Dea Matrona” I clarifies the subject to a substantial degree. It also includes an additional short discussion of the concept of the Crone which I think is very good.



Mysteria: She Who is beyond comprehension, and yet not an abstract concept or a force, but a person

Matrona: She Who is Our Mother, and yet, not just any mother, but a mother who holds a prominent position of authority and dignity


Mysteria is She who is hidden, concealed, secret, veiled, dark

She is The Dark beyond (not without) the Light: She who is incomprehensible, unknowable

She is The Light beyond the Darkness: the Divine illumination of the pure Intellect, beyond the light of reason, but not contrary to sound reason.

The Dark One creates Life….gives life…governs the seasons…restores all life to wholeness


early 14c., in a theological sense, “religious truth via divine revelation, hidden spiritual significance, mystical truth,” from Anglo-Fr. *misterie (O.Fr. mistere), from L. mysterium, from Gk. mysterion (usually in pl. mysteria) “secret rite or doctrine,” from mystes

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