Over the Last Month

I have been working on several new posts during the past several weeks, however to a significant degree my attention has been focused on the recent US presidential elections. During this same time period I have also been experiencing another renewal of interest in political issues generally. As a result of this I have been making attempts to redevelop connections with groups which advocate on issues which are of particular concern to myself. Thus since I do believe that the most decisive issue of the contemporary world in its long term effects is climate change and the ongoing ecocide of the planet, I have recently rejoined groups such the the World Wildlife fund, Worldwatch Institute and other environmental organizations. Since I strongly oppose the Islamophobia of much of American culture I have also joined the Council for American Islamic Religions (CAIR) the largest and most influential Islamic civil rights organization within the United States. The International Crisis Group and the United Nations Refugee Organization are other groups which I have recently joined.

I am aware that much of this activity is primarily symbolic in nature, though the small gifts and donations which I can afford to give will do some good. But it is better to do a little good than as a result of despair or practiced indifference do nothing at all. Anyway by reattaching myself to the information channels provided by organizations such as these perhaps in the future I will be able to act more effectively on a political level in the future.

Within the Deanic scriptures – The Secret of the World – Verse 23 – it is said “Change that within you and the world will change. But seek to change the world and all essence will remain the same.” Some may believe this means that Deani should not be involved in good works or that the desire and passion to create a better world is an illusion. I do not see it this way. I believe that it is instead a warning to those who would seek to change the outer world without correspondingly changing themselves in accord to Dea’s will. Certainly to a great degree my own life has been focused on changing the outside world to the cost of efforts to change myself. The failures of these efforts are obvious to me. To a great degree I believe that the political forces within this society which shout from the rooftops and the streets that they are on the side of social justice and love and in opposition to hate, greed, and all other negative aspects of human nature often fail to transform their own lives in relation to God either. In fact many probably do not even believe in Her reality. I believe the failure of many political movements to fulfill their promise of a more hopeful future is a result of this failure to be transformed within. The almost complete failure of the Socialist and Communist movements to radically change the world to the better is connected to their almost complete rejection of any level of spirituality at all.

But on the other hand, to supposedly focus on the spiritual entirely without regard for how one actions or importantly ones lack of actions effects the world is clearly not in the will of Dea. How could it be when it is not in accordance with the rule of love mandated in the scriptures. Some kind of proper balance must be found and I am as I have during much of my life attempting to work out that proper balance for myself.

Glenn King

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