the current situation

For over two year now I have increasingly felt out of place within the broad Independent Deanic movement in several aspects of its life.I do not need to go into any particular details about these issues now. As a result I am going into a one of my periods of questioning what my role in the movement will be or even if I really have one. As a result for a while at least I suspect that my involvement with this blog will be minimal. I suspect that for an indefinite amount of time I will be making few posts here though I might post in other arenas. I of course might write an occasional article and post it here and may even change my mind and continue posting here regularly . However I doubt this will happen.

Please note. I am not going into any crisis in faith in Dea or at least not any crisis more severe than is normal. What I am going through is a period of trouble understanding where I fit into this whole thing. Enough for now.

Glenn King

10 thoughts on “the current situation

  1. Dear Glenn, is there anything the rest of us can do to help you feel more deeply involved in the movement? I have to say that I love this blog. You have definitely made invaluable contributions to the movement, from creating and maintaining the Yahoo board and the forum to providing incredibly wise thealogical insights. Do what makes you comfortable, but please know that we all value you deeply.


    • Erin thanks for your comments. I do often wonder if others are really much interested in what I say within my blog entries. Anyway I appreciate your words. As far as my own problems in relationship to the Deanic community goes, You need not worry about them. They to a great extend are created by my own inner clash of emotions, inner conflicts, tendency to despair, etc. These are my responsibility to deal with. Thank you for your concern.

      I am right now going through one of my periods of rethinking my own relationship with the Deanic community and what role I wish to play within it. Again I will work this out myself. I appreciate your concern but again I will have to work these things out myself. You and others need not worry about it. Again thank you for your concern.


  2. Seconding Erin, I just want to say that I think you have been an invaluable force. Ours can be a fractious community, which has been true since the early 80s, but you have consistently managed the wisdom and the tact to create spaces where all of us–Madrian, Aristasian/Chelouranyan, Janite, or unaligned–have been able to feel welcomed and safe. I share many of your concerns about the future development of our community, but your past and present work are a huge part of what makes it possible for us collectively to speak of or envisage an overarching (though informal) Déanic ekklesia at all. I value your participation tremendously. May Dea always walk with you, wherever the path may lead.

  3. You have a very balanced understanding of spiritual life, and that will stand you in good stead. You will come to something good: something better than what you have today. I hope you continue to share your journey, for our sakes.

    • Father Kevin, Thanks for commenting. I was not aware that you were still following my blog. Thanks for the complements. Unfortunately it is easier for me to perceive and say the right thing than it is for me to live it. It is also very easy for me to fall into despair. Thanks for the encouragement. I very much hope that you are right.


  4. Dear Glenn, I realize that I am not in the position to give anyone advice, but I do feel that you have been a vital part of this community since its inception. When I could no longer continue my discussion list, you began yours and it was a vital part of the greater community. It gave devotees a place to meet and discuss their ideas. And, while I did not participate in the forum due, quite frankly, to nothing more than a complete and utter lack of time, I have heard that it has been active and meaningful.

    I would humbly suggest one area, Glenn, for which there is a need and that is a Deanic ministry for men. Both ArchMatrona Georgia and I have long felt the need for a Guild or a Deanic Order for males. Or what you call an Haus, House. Both Srn. Mtr. Georgia and I had, at one time, the blueprints for such Orders in place. But, unfortunately, our plates are full. There is only so much we can accomplish by ourselves.

    On a personal level, I finally realized that I can’t continuously stretch myself so thin that I become stuck in a stress-filled mire and am unable to move forward. And so, I decided to focus my ministry (aside from my public blog) on serving my clergy and sister-hood through instruction and priestess training, so that they, in turn, may teach the Faith, serve Dea and serve others, each in their own way.

    I think there is a need for a Deanic male community, Glenn, in whatever way you would imagine it to be, from your own perspective and experience. I also think that your blog and forum are important, a vital part of the greater community and a devout witness to Dea. I hope that you will continue both. You are an integral part of the Deanic community and so I urge you to remain an essential part of its future.

    (By the way, you are one of the people on my dedication list for my prayer book.)

  5. Pamela, thanks for responding to my post and the kind words. I appreciate them very much. Regarding this issue you bring up regarding the need for some sort of male order within the De’anic faith, I certainly agree that on principle that will be a need. However since there are only three men in the movement of which I am aware and all have strongly differing thealogical views I do not think that the basis for that exists now. If more men do join the movement I certainly will explore the idea. I hope that you are doing well. From the tenor of your post it sounds like you are. Dea be with you.


  6. Well, Glenn, you have to remember that outside of David Kay, whom I consider ‘first generation’, you are the first male ‘second generation’ Deanist. I refer to our fore-people in the Faith (the founders and those who have been devotees since the 70’s and early 80’s), as the first generation; we are the second generation, and Madria Erin and her group are the third and up-coming generation. I have been very excited by the level of both public and private thealogy being discussed by this third generation. I have great hope for the future of our Faith. We all have a place in it and we all need to ‘hang in there’, so to speak. It is all evolving as it should. As a former mentor once said to me, “trust in the process’.
    Many blessings.

  7. Pamela, I too have noticed the development of Tumblr blogs by new young Deanic writers many of them obviously inspired by Erin’s work.It is a hopeful development.


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