Femininity and Toxic Masculinity?

Isis, Ma'at, and Whatever, Else

One of the problems I have in writing is that I am always tempted to write long and detailed explanations of my points of view. In doing this I often seek to re-enforce my positions with historical and theological analysis well beyond the toleration levels of most persons. The problem is that by succumbing to these temptations, my productively is greatly decreased, and furthermore I find that most persons simply are not that interested in either history or in my theological pondering. Thus within this post and hopefully in others I am going to attempt to keep my writings as short and sharp as possible and see what happens.

One of the preoccupations I have noticed within the broad Deanic community has been a preoccupation with the meaning of femininity. This is natural of course because Deanism has a matriarchal theology of God as Mother, Lady and Queen. But central…

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