My Views on Deanism at Present

Isis, Ma'at, and Whatever, Else

About a year ago due to my disenchantment with the direction in which the Deanic movement was going at that time, I declared my own separation from the movement. Since that time from the few persons I still had contact with within the movement, I found out that some of the most egregious directions which had been announced at the time l left had been rescinded. But still I felt no real need to re-associate from the religion. My alienation from the religion ( some of it justified and some of it my own fault) which had built up for a period of time was too strong.

During the past year I instead decided to study other religious traditions such as Shakti Hinduism, the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, and certain aspects of the Abrahamic faiths to see what they could offer me in replacement of the Deanic faith. I also…

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