An Alternative Way of De’anism

I want to say these things as simply as possible.  While during the past few months I have come back to the De’anic faith in a sense, I have certainly not come back to De’anism as interpreted by the Traditionalist Filianic, the Feminine Essentialist, or the Sophian Deanic Traditions. I make no claim that my sense of  Deanism is the same of others. However, my beliefs are not simply the inventions of my own mind. They are informed by very old / traditional religious values which have every bit a right of being heard as those voices which are dominant within De’anism now.

This voice of often submerged religious tradition is a voice which sees the establishment of political, social, and economic justice within this world as being central to the will of God / Dea. It is a voice which in various forms has run through the many religious traditions particularly through the certain submerged communities of the Abrahamic faiths, but also within other world religions such as the Chinese Taoist and Mohist traditions and within Zoroastrianism.
The name by which I chose to call this concern for justice in all of its forms comes from the Egyptian tradition. The word is Ma’at. As a proper noun it refers to the powerful Egyptian Goddess Maat who embodied the qualities of truth, order, law, and justice which were so central to Ancient Egyptian society.  Ma’at as the small letter noun “ma’at refers to those various abstract principles. Thus I call the hyphenated religious tradition which I struggle to follow the path of Maatian Deanism.
Now I do not pretend that I as a 67 year old man necessarily have been particularly successful in following this path through out my life. Forces of personal despair, a lack of judgement, a certain inability to connect with most others effectively and other personal flaws have often prevented me from being the person I wished to be.
And while I have attempted to live by principles of ma’at through out my life I often have failed to do so. So I do not make any particularly great claims of virtue by following this path. But still in spite of my failings it is the only way that makes sense for me to follow. Of course within this writing I have defined this path only in general. I also want to say that the way of maat while the most important is not the only way that my interpretation of Deanism differs from that of others. In future writings I hopefully will be able more concretely write out some of this path’s perimeters.

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