To Ma’atian Theanism

About three months ago, I made a decision to return to the Deanic community. About a month ago in order to distinguish my own interpretation of Deanism from those ideologies dominant within it, I wrote a post  in which I described my understanding of Deanism as being a Maatian / Justice form of the common faith. However as a result of my experience within the community during the past three months I have now come to the conclusion that redefining my own interpretations of Deanism as Maatian did not go far enough. I believe now that the differences between my understanding of Deanism and the  dominant trends within it are more significant than I had thought. In spite of the fact that I hold the Deanic Scriptures as in many ways authoritative, and as having great spiritual worth, in spite of the fact that I worship Dea daily, in spite of the fact that I seek to do her will, I have come to the conclusion that a probably insurmountably gap exists between my interpretation of the religion and the interpretation of  those who dominate it today. I suspect in fact that these difference perhaps are about as great as for example  as the difference between early Christianity’s and its First Century Jewish parent religion.

Therefore while I feel that I have every right to interpret the Deanic scriptures in ways that seem right to me and to interpret Dea will according to my ability to understand right and wrong, I choose to no longer refer to myself as being “Deanic.” I choose instead to reclaim the use of a word  by which I defined myself in 2012. The root of that word is Theia or Thea, which is the Greek word for Female Deity or Goddess. Its relationship with the word Dea is of course obvious. But at least by using words such a Theanism, Theanic, etc to name my religion, persons will not be able to credibly say that I pretend to be something that I am not. I will of course continue to refer to my interpretation of Theanism as being Ma’atian.
None of this of course means that I will reject discussions on theology, spiritual practice with those few Deani who continue to choose to have dealings with me. And Yes I will continue to discuss the Deanic traditions to the degree that this is necessary to articulata a Maatian interpretation of Theanism. Enough said for now.

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