During most of its history this blog has provided me a platform in which to discuss my own interpretations of De’anism, a religion founded in the 1970s which can be briefly but inadequately defined as a religion in which God, the creator / source of the universe is conceived and worshiped as feminine. Thus Dea the Latin word for feminine God or Goddess is thought as and worshiped in feminine  forms such as Mother, Lady and Queen. The purpose of life in Deanic terms is the worship Dea and submission to her loving will. Within my own interpretation of Deanism her loving will is very like the concept of the greatest commandments given within the Abrahamic faiths. It is as Jesus said ‘we should love God with all of our heart mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves.’ This however should be supplimented with another Old Testament commandment though. ‘We should do justice and walk humbly with our God / Dea.’  Now obviously this says very little about all of the detailed theology and practice of Deanism.  A lot more is needed. But it says enough for now. A substantial literature has been created by Deanic devotees over the years which can be found within various blogs and websites through out the internet. Anyone who is interested in these sources with a little effort should be able to find most of these sources on their own. But if one needs help they can contact me I will help on this.

Unfortunately at this point of time, in spite of the fact that  my religion is informed deeply by Deanic ideas and inspirations, because of my deep disagreements with the directions in which the primary Deanic communities are going,  I can no longer identify myself as a member of any Deanic group nor do I any longer refer to my own religious beliefs as being Deanic. Currently I refer to my own beliefs as being a Maatian form of Theanism. Read my recent articles if you want to understand the terms I use here, and the reasons I break from the mainstream of the Deanic community..
Because this blog no longer serves its earlier purpose as being a critical support of the Deanic community I have decided to change its name. . So what is its purpose now? Well it will still serve as my own personal blog in which I will continue to express my own personal views on religion,  However I have also decided to extend its use to express my views other topics. Among these are my views on politics, political philosophy,  ideas on aspects of culture such as my views on books, television, movies,etc.
What about myself? I am a 68 year old man, a non-academic autodidact, who believes that hopefully he does have a few observations about reality that might be useful to some. Anyway he does feel driven to write even if few if any will ever read much of what he has to say.
Glenn King

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