Scriptures of Thea

The Filianic scriptures can be obtained from various sources. Ebook editions can be purchased at fairly low prices and some hardback editions can be purchased for over $30.00. These can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Lulu Press. However it is also possible to obtain Sarah Amy Morrigan’s excellent New Celestial Union Version (NCUV) of the Filianic scriptures for free. Check fulltext of NCUV.
This might be the best choice for persons who wish to obtain a copy of the scriptures initially with out making an initial financial commitment. Links to other versions of the Filianic / Deanic scripture will be provided at the end of this article.

Some background information. There are currently three separate editions of the Filianic scriptures, each of which is sponsored by differing communities. However, prior to discussing each of these editions,some discussion of the history of the scriptures prior to the publication of each of these three editions will be useful. While the various chapters / sections of the Filianic scriptures were initially written during the early 1970’s they were not published at that time; nor were these writings initially compiled into a unified book form. Instead various single chapters or groups of chapters from what are now the Filianic scriptures were circulated singularly in groups of several chapters among the members of the small Madrian and Aristasian communities in pamphlet form during the 1970s and 1980s. For example the “Mythos” chapters and the “Crystal Tablet” were probably each circulated within a single pamphlet. The large chapter the “Heart of Water” may well have circulated as a single pamphlet as well. Pamphlets including other groups of the various chapters of the Teachings would have been circulated this way as well. Thus the situation was similar to the example of early Christianity in which the letters of Paul were circulated by various churches separately and only latter were these collected into a unified whole.

The process of collecting the chapters together in a single volume was ultimately completed by the Madrian community (Ekklesia Madriana) an early community which had as its primary focus the development of a religious community which centered on the scriptures. The Madrians not only compiled the scriptures as a unified whole but they also added to that central core a substantial amount of liturgical literature that had been developed for that community’s use. Thus included in the Madrian scriptures were a long “Catechism of the Children of the Goddess”, the “Rite of Sacrifice”, the “Wheel of the Year”, and other liturgical information. In spite of this work and their high level of commitment the Madrian community collapsed during the early 1980s but not before a Phillip P. Jackson had acquired a full volume of the Madrian Scriptures which he published under the title of the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians. A second volume was copyrighted in 2008.

Sarah Amy Morrigan’s New Celestial Union Version was also composed in 2008. Within her simplified version Miss Morrigan left out all of the additional liturgical additions that the Madrian community had included within its volume. She modernized the language of her edition by replacing the some what pseudo archaic language of the Madrian text with language following the normal forms of modern English. She also wrote just a short simple introduction to the text. Her edition of the scriptures speaks for itself.

The Aristasian community published its version of the sacred scriptures in the same year 2008. The Aristasian edition is entitled the Gospel of Our Mother God. This edition as can be expected includes the Filianic Creed, a commentary to this creed, and other introductory material all of which provide an Aristasian interpretation regarding the significance of the text.. A curious fact about the Aristasian version of the Scriptures is that certain key scriptures such as “The Three Loves” and the “Crystal tablet” are not included within the Aristasian edition. Furthermore texts from the Hindu Goddess tradition have been included within the Gospel of Our Mother God as supplementary literature.

Note. It is an interesting fact that each of the current editions of the Filianic scriptures was published in 2008. This can hardly be a coincidence. However now is perhaps not the time to explore this fact. Maybe sometime in the future. It also must be noted that Matrona Pamela Lanides is currently involved in the work of editing a compilation of the Filianic scriptures for the Kyrian Church. More on that as it progresses.

The New Celestial Union Version, the Gospel of Our Mother God, and the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians are each available on line at the following links.

The New Celestial Union Version. The link to its ebook edition at Amazon is It is also possible to get hardback and paperback copies of her work at Amazon and at Lulu Press.

The Gospel of Our Mother God can be purchased on line at Sun Daughter Press. Its link is

Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians. The ebook edition can be purchased at Barnes and Nobles at

Paperback editions of the Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians seem to be out of print. However Amazon does seem to be selling some hardback copies.

I need to say a few more words about the supplementary material which is of necessity a part of each of these versions of the scriptures. One needs to evaluate this material for oneself. I myself have my own personal beliefs regarding the nature of the Filianic scriptures, their significance, and their authority. Mine differ substantially from the thoughts expressed within the supplementary material offered within each of these editions of the Filianic scriptures. It is probable that new readers will have their own interpretations of the Filianic scriptures as well. That is as it should be.

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